Your Title Is More Important Than Your Cover [Book]

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The title of your book is far more important than your book’s cover. Too many times I see authors focused only on their book cover, they want it to be creative, sheek and sophisticated. While there is nothing wrong with have an amazing book cover, the focus should be having an even more amazing title than the cover and here is why…When you begin marketing your book, you first instinct is to harass your friends to buy it place it online and in bookstores. In those places a resplendent bookcover is critical to grab people’s attention. But that is where the marketing effects of a great book cover typically stops, the remaining promotion of your book will travel by what I would like to call the speed of sound aka “Word Of Mouth.” When people bring up your book, they would be talking about the chapters the plots and the title. Very rarely will they talk about how awesome the book cover looks and chances are that they will not have the book on them at that time. So if you have a great book cover but an average title people may still talk about your book but your title which is your anchor point of rememberance may get lost in translation. Also a great title is like a conversation trigger, it is like an icebreaker. This is especially true on the radio where the main sparks for conversation will come from your title and chapter names. So don’t forget about your title as you work on that ultra-super and dope cover art work, because at the end of the day your title determines your book’s word of mouth marketability!

What are some of those book titles that have sparked your interest in the past?

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5 comments on “Your Title Is More Important Than Your Cover [Book]

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Hi ofili,
    I agree with you 100% about catchy titles. I remember how we both had to brain storm about my book title and you kept saying the title just has to jump at your propective reader. And boy!! it has worked for my book. ‘How to Raise Kids Without loosing it’ . A catchy title must first of all stirup a certain curosity and a feeling of wanting to read what is in the book.

  2. You’re quite right.  It all comes down to emphasizing the content over design.  You can apply the same principle to a variety of things including blogging.  Some books with catchy titles that sparked my interest are: (1) And then there were none and (2) Who moved my cheese. 

  3. Ofili the Great! You are simply god-sent. Thanks for this…All your articles on writing have been food to my soul. I’m sure I’ll have the opportunity to tell the full story to you one day.

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