Your Duty Is To Equalize The Circumstances

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Nobody likes to say they got where they are because of luck or special privileges. It is unsexy!

It speaks against that mantra that hard-work gets you to the top. But time and again the truth is hard-work is not what makes one successful. Because hard-work with the wrong set of circumstances can lead to frustration but with the right set of circumstances it can lead to success.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are lazy people in the world, but this article is not about them and neither are the pictures below. This article is about the hardworking people that have been blessed with tougher circumstances than us.

So instead of looking down on them or glowing in the shadow of our awesomeness … we should pause and think.

Think about equalizing the circumstances, so that people less privileged or less fortunate than us can have a fairer crack at life. That is your job in life … to create those same circumstances that made you successful for others. That’s all!






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13 comments on “Your Duty Is To Equalize The Circumstances

  1. toyin on said:

    When my best write decides to write u know it for fun n deep fun but u will learn in between the fun n d deep fun ofili nice story but still hard work pays if not all abi boss n d cartoon ã+ (not ambode oooo)

  2. Omee on said:

    Thank you. I could see my paula self. I am proud i have gotten to where i am. I have not gone even 50%to my destination.

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