Your Blog Is Your Writing MixTape

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MixtapeFinalYour Blog is your writing training ground!
That’s where you go to sharpen your writing skills
In your blog you can make mistakes…it’s okay you will only get better

Your blog is like your mix tape
The one you mess around with right before you drop your dope LP
Its the stuff you give out for free, from the back of your internet trunk
And if your blog mix-tape is dope, soon people will start hearing about you
Bing will take notice, and then Google and then soon “fame” will want to sign you up

So don’t RSS steal from other blogs…avoid the cut and paste temptations, write your own shit!
I mean you can’t hire people to do your arm push-ups
And you definitely can’t hire people to do your finger push-ups
Its all about you, sharpening your writing skills daily.

And you one day your fingers will move like a butterfly and your words will sting like a bee
So keep writing…keep typing…
Hit the keys buttons hard … keep typing till your fingers bleeds

And one day you will stand on the podium of greatness
And in the halls of Wikipedia and the galleries of Amazon … as a bestseller
But no one will know about the blog hustle…but you know…you know what it took to get here!
So Keep writing…Keep typing…this is your training ground!


twitterWritten By Okechukwu Ofili of
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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
Follow him on Twitter
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Read his crazy titled books on okadabooks 




17 comments on “Your Blog Is Your Writing MixTape

  1. Totally inspiring and so true. I know how I have improved since starting my blog. I write my own lines, create my own scenes. It’s been a fun training ground too…nice piece.

  2. chukwukadibia on said:

    How can one create his/her blog,can I get a detailed information as to how to go about that first??

  3. OMG this was written for me. I haven’t written in up to a year, first it was writers block, then I got too busy, now I’m dubbing my skills.
    thanks ofili. I’ll keep writing

  4. Thanks for this…
    There is profit in honest labor, but there is a time of perseverance and tenacity before the rewards start rolling in

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