Colleen Buters Speaks: You Must Go For It

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You just go for it!

Take it at your own pace and try your best to not be impatient with yourself! Your level and speed of growth might be faster/slower than someone else’s, so focus on your own path and let the journey take you to amazing places and opportunities!

There’s obviously going to be obstacles in the way of what you want to do, but the greater the accomplishment requires even greater challenges, though the real question is if you’re willing to take the plunge and try anyways?

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8 comments on “Colleen Buters Speaks: You Must Go For It

  1. Nonso on said:

    It’s really nice. Thank you very much.
    I am interested in writing articles that are publishable. What advice could you give me, sir.

  2. Nathaniel Iyke on said:

    Hi Ofili, you probably don’t know you wrote this piece specially for me. I was at the verge of making a very critical decision concerning my career path when I stumbled on this. God bless you for this!

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