You can’t afford to be bored!

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You can’t afford to be bored!
Especially in Nigeria!
The hungry man can’t eat boredom
The laid-off worker can’t afford boredom
That child running around the street begging, probably can’t spell boredom even if he wanted to
So why the heck are you bored?
There is just too much shit going on in the world for you to be bored!
Too many problems that needs your talent
There are people who might live longer because of your skill-set
People who would have a better life because you executed your idea today
But you are too bored to give a shit!
Successful people don’t get bored
Elon Musk … not bored
Oprah Winfrey … never bored
Barack Obama … can’t spell boredom even if he wanted to
Dangote … too busy getting paid to be bored
Because they all understand the power of their talents to change lives
If you want to be successful, you can’t afford to be bored
You can’t afford to sit around waiting for the next best thing to happen
You have to get up and make shit happen
Get up and create solutions
Get up and do something, anything ..
but whatever you do, don’t ever be bored.
Make shit happen!



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