Yellow Fever: Recognizing The True Heroes Of Nigeria

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IMG_20140814_184626So remember that sketch/article about Yellow Fever: Lagos Most Misunderstood Heroes. Well we found a real life Yellow Fever hero! Thanks to reader Henry Magbo. See his email below:

Mr. Ofili,

I like your approach using hilarious write-ups in passing home your messages; like a bait, it gets one in the mood to read. This technique should be applied in schools.

Away from the encouragement and down to a much more serious matter.

There is fellow that directs traffic along Orile to Mile 2 road. The Mile 2 spot as you are descending from ‘Apapa into Mile 2′. That fellow is really diligent at his work in my opinion. He is very cheerful and dances sometimes. And the dancing gets me wondering … is he really enjoying working under the sun and FOR HOURS? He stays at that particular spot from morning till night, you can verify for yourself. I strongly believe we need (you need) to encourage him.

Because we live in times, sadly where hard-work is rarely recognized and if recognized … rarely rewarded. This has given rise to individuals not wanting to work hard … instead they seek occupations or endeavors that bring quick fame and rewards.

I am sure it’s not just me that is spotting these individuals and really wish to help these fellows (no matter how small), I am sure you have spotted some too. Personally I strongly believe if anyone must engage in any endeavor in this life (whatever it be), its must be one aimed at improving the other person and creating a positive vibe in the society!

Sincerely Henry Magbo


Let’s do something awesome and recognize Henry Magbo’s nominated silent hero of Nigeria.

I would be personally pledging N20,000 and if you want to donate something as well to this awesome guy, do let me know in the comments below (before Friday September 19th). That way we can present a single check. Also we will strive to capture the whole surprise/presentation on video or via pictures. It will be Ellen DeGeneres awesome but naija version!

PS: Remember you can always nominate people to me via the only thing is that you can’t nominate yourself.

yellow feverx


Written By Henry Magbo and Okechukwu Ofili of
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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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8 comments on “Yellow Fever: Recognizing The True Heroes Of Nigeria

  1. Your write-ups though funny always address splint issues in society.
    The group of Lastma men around Wempco/Acme/Agidingbi Road axis deserve commendation. They are always there at their duty post as early as 7.00 am on my way to work and still there controlling the traffic as late as 9.00 pm.
    These men are only interested in ensuring that traffic moves and do not display the unique supernatural ability of setting traps for motorists.
    They do deserve to be commended for their hard work even in the harsh conditions of their service.

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