Fork You: How I Got My License

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I checked the road, looking both sides to ensure there was no incoming traffic. Maybe I looked at one side too long, because all I could hear as I entered the road was a Ford Focus screeching loudly as it tried to stop itself from colliding into the back of my car my friend’s car. Fortunately, the driver swerved at the last minute, barely evading contact but not before he had let loose a tirade of words that sounded like “wash the fork!” Followed by a hand-gesture that looked like a fork flipped upside down.  I don’t know why anyone would be talking about washing forks on the road, and besides, forks were not my primary concern at that moment…it was the driving test.

This entry is an excerpt from the upcoming book How Intelligence Kills: A Critical Look At Our Dangerous Addiction To Religion, Intelligence and Respect.


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6 comments on “Fork You: How I Got My License

  1. on said:

    oKEcHUKWU Ofili!!, I feel like I know you! I got your book from my soon to be gf and I dont believe I read almost half of it instead of sleeping to get up early enough for work! I liked it alot!

    I am now officially addicted to you and Linda Ikeji.

    by the way, please write on how spelling corrections and microsoft word has robbed people like you (*tongue out) and me of spelling correctly when those things aint available…..

    More power to your elbow bro…

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