How To Write Easy To Understand Shit

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Did you know that the area of the human lung is about 666 square meters! But what the heck does that mean? To the average person 666 square meters is a meaningless number, except they happen to be a real estate investor!

But sadly that’s how most people write English … with details that we expect others to understand but they end up not understanding at all.

What if we said instead that the area of the human lung is 666 square meters, which is as big as half of a lawn tennis court?

Now the area visualization is getting better. The reader can understand how big the area of the lung is, but more importantly, they can visualize it … except they don’t watch lawn tennis and have no idea who Serena Williams is!

This might be the case if you are writing for a typical Nigerian crowd. So you would now say, that the area of a lung is 666 square meters which is roughly the size of an average wedding canopy! Now every Nigerian can relate to that and can understand that, because it has to do with weddings. Plus not to forget that it is funny at the same time!

That’s how to write easy to understand shit, its not the big grammar or big figures, but simply things that your primary audience can relate to.

Enjoy another example of effective writing in this cartoon about bacteria shitting …

effective writing

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27 comments on “How To Write Easy To Understand Shit

  1. Ayodeji on said:

    @Ofili ℓ̊ think ℓ̊ should pay you for this great lesson this morning while still on bed, ℓ̊ wonder why they told me †☺ go school sef.

    My mum should have just buy me a phone with the internet and say go read teacher ofili’s works. Chikena, ℓ̊ for be the best student in class

      • Ayodeji on said:

        Sch fee bawo, already. Got d laziness safe my life but haven’t read it (cover face), busy sha. You doing a great job, really inspire someone (me)

  2. Ayodeji on said:

    More reason why learning at school is not interesting, teachers try †☺ explain simple things with big words (and big cane) and set questions that looks ƪĩк̣̣̥ε the Chinese alphabet. Its a trckling effect. (“The trickling effect” is my on-writing article)

  3. NiyiKanmbi on said:

    Nice..lool. On point. My criticism sense already adding up a number of bloggers and writers to tweet this to. Some people will just bore you with knowledge (something they researched just before writing o).
    But Ofili who are you really? everything about you seem too strangely good. You have illuminati links, abi?

  4. Arinze on said:

    Yup. Effective education. Most Professors can but refuse to teach this way because they want their position and material to appear complex, since it’s their life’s work.

  5. simply brilliant. Yes, and bacteria shitting in ur mouth will be better understood as poop pooping in ur mouth for a Nigerian audience

  6. DOCTOR: Sir, it is confirmed, you have a confirmed case of excessive secretions of cholecystokinins in the trifossae of your cranium due to excess locomotory actions of your appendages and axial endoskeleton when dawn arises.

    PATIENT: Meaning?
    PATIENT’S MIND: I don diiiiie. My children o, Mama ibeji, who go feed them now na? Na so my village people get me? God I don pay my tithe o, I dey serve you o! All my enemies die by fire, I am the healed…
    PATIENT: What is the treatment please? How long will it last.

    DOCTOR: *laughs* None of that sir, all I meant was you have a headache from vigorous early morning exercises. Your treatment is panadol.

  7. Kelechi on said:

    Incorrigible. This what I thought when I saw the title of this article on twitter. You and all this you vulgar titles. Lol.
    The key to a good article is simplicity, and kindness to your audience- “touched by the feelings of their infirmity” as you write.
    In all fairness though, not all who write intend for or expect their audience to learn anything.
    This article was thoroughly interesting, as always. And to the point. Thank you, Ofili.

  8. Oni Oluwamuyiwa on said:

    Bacteria shitting in your mouth, Hilarious. I read every Article, knowing somewhere am going to laugh. Great work.

  9. This must be read by some law students I know. They go around speaking nonsense in the name of big grammar. I even know of one with a blog with such vocabularies. I wonder if people read her blog at all and if they understand.

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