Write Angry!

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write angryWhenever I write an article or post criticizing the Government, I always get told the same series of things…

“They will arrest you”
“This is not America” or my all time favorite …
“are you not afraid?”

I don’t know if Afraid is the word, but I do get excited and worried. Excited about what lives the article could touch and worried about those that might get offended, but mostly I am excited.

Especially when I write the articles that are inspired by raw anger.

I am anxious initially, but by the time I get it out on paper, I realize that most of the time, my anger was not an isolated thing. That many feel the same way and appreciate the article that I was worried to write. And those angry articles turn out to be my best articles.

So my lesson is this, keep writing … even though you are afraid!



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