Wizkid and Davido Are Fighting

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Breaking News…

Wizkid and Davido are fighting…the whole of Nigeria is talking…their tickets sales are racking up…their twitter followership jumping up…the free publicity aka bad publicity is still publicity is helping push their concerts.

Several weeks from now a picture will be released showing Wizkid and Davido holding hands and singing Hakuna Matata. The new news will be that they have made up.

But by then they would have racked up the Naira I mean Dollar in their mega accounts and we Nigerians?

Well we will wander off to the next fake money generating beef…with nothing to show for our subconscious abi accidental publicity campaign.

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8 comments on “Wizkid and Davido Are Fighting

  1. You are right. This is also common among the fuji musicians and the Nigerian public. They argue about their songs, wealth acquisition and all buying their CDs and DVDs in volumes, some even go as far buying aso ebi when anyone of these musicians is having outings and they not been able to pay their children school fees.

  2. Nnamdi on said:

    …And i guess you are also fuelling the ‘subconscious abi accidental publicity campaign’ with this.

  3. “It’s not beef at all..but I’m the type of person if I feel something..to me everything you do, you don’t hit your brother down. This is the first time I’m saying this but the only reason I was upset was because of the NY concert. I was even going to tweet like you know ‘make sure everybody turn up for my brother Wizkid’s concert’ and he threw a shade like that. I’m not going to take that…that’s why I went and said what I said. But it’s all cool, at the end of the day, we got to keep it on the music. Shout out to him. I’m still a big fan. It was never nothing but don’t throw a shade at me…especially when we were on the flight earlier. By the way, check the numbers on my last concert. Let’s leave it like that..”

    – Davido #ToldYouSo
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