Why you have to absolutely KICK someone today!

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We’ve been lied to our entire lives…we’ve been told that if we are patient at work the promotions will come…we’ve been told that if we execute our business plans with passion and love that our business will automatically grow…we’ve even been told that if we simply display excessive love and kindness our crazy abusive partner will suddenly change. We’ve been programmed to hate aggression, to avoid demanding for raises and to hate money.

Unfortunately all that is wrong, being continually nice to people will cause people to take advantage of you, your services and your time. At work you will constantly be overworked and underpaid, in relationships you will be taken advantage off continually and in your own business your time will be undervalued and discarded…Unless you garner the mental fortitude to kick someone! Now I am not saying you should go out and physically kick somebody in the head (ofilispeaks.com does not have enough insurance to cover the debacle that would ensue). But what I am saying is that you should mentally know when to stop being too nice and when to demand your respect!

So the next time you get slapped around at work, school or in life…turn the other cheek and follow thru with a round house KICK!



Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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5 comments on “Why you have to absolutely KICK someone today!

  1. But WWJD? An never mind the dude was a super hero with Jedi powers. Us little people due have to stand up if you want to heard.

    (This coming from a guy who has had 4 jobs in 5 years to crank out double digit raises on each turn. Quadrupale round house Biatch!)

    Can I get that sketch in a business card? LOVE the little guy.

  2. Haha. I started kicking back at work earlier this year.

    Result: I’m much happier, got promoted, have more respect, and getting more interesting opportunities. Best part of it all is that I am not working more. I realized it’s not about how hard your work.
    It’s all results-driven. When I focus on generating results for myself first and the company 2nd, it’s ends up being win-win situation. As long as I show results, I have a lot of leeway to kick annoying folks out of my way. 🙂

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