Why I Will Not Vote For Buhari Or Goodluck (Updated)

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I will not vote for Buhari or Goodluck Jonathan not because I am uninspired by both candidates, but because the process to get that Permanent Voters Card is longggggggggggggggg…

First go to the Local Government office…o you can’t find your Temporal ID…sign this form…bring 2 passport photographs…bring the Voter Card ID of a person that registered the same day and place as you…wait….today is Monday, your local government day is Friday…come back on Friday.

Abeg abeg…I love my country but all this wahala is too much …. Wait what? One big bag of rice? Really? Ah I will see you on Friday!

UPDATE: So after much hustling and jostling…I was finally able to get my PVC (Permanent Voters Card)! But man the system is really confusing. For example my voters card shows my old polling location, I still have not figured out how I can vote there given that I live in a new place. But I will do some INEC research and get back to you. There are other confusions but I just hope that we can solve it by February 14th.


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14 comments on “Why I Will Not Vote For Buhari Or Goodluck (Updated)

  1. Well, I misplaced my temporary voters card and when I got to the Local Goverment office, I only filled a form and my pic was taken with a device ( I think its called a webcam) on their computer. And within 45mins I got my PVC. I didn’t experience “all of that stuff”.

    • Ofili

      Well my experience was different. I was told I could only do it on Friday and that I needed to fill a form and bring 2 passport photographs. So will try again on Friday for the love of rice.

  2. I would only forgive this process if there is indeed data stored in the cards and it can be captured quickly during voting. Or else its just long and people have built castles through it. Also I hear of someone that has more than one PVC. He claimed he registered in more than one unit so shame on him. But bigger shame on the system since they obviously didn’t do data integration nationwide. Multiple registrations were probably only notices in same units cos the guy I talked about registered thrice in the same state.

  3. It makes no difference — Buhari or GEJ.. same shit basically. It saddens me greatly that this is the best we can do. For the presidency we have to choose between a incompetent incumbent and another that has zero vision for the country. That country is doomed. I implore every Nigerian to follow their Nigerian dream which is to score permanent residency is a western country. Get out while you still can , that’s if you can and have the means. That Nigerian passport is essentially worthless.. the only thing it gets you is more immigration scrutiny at any port of entry.

    Didn’t we just become the largest economy in Africa… yeah.. largest economy my butt.. The only folks enjoying in that country are those that are sucking it dry and pillaging the coffers.. and we keep on electing them..you don see now. We deserve everything that’s come to us. Instead of putting visionaries and doers in power and holding them accountable, we turn to prayer to fix the NEPA problem or the pot hole in the middle of the highway or to fight boko haram… nonsense

    • Mobi, your comment is the saddest I have read in a while. So the solution to Nigeria’s problem is for us to get out? Really heartbreaking.

      Words are powerful. Please let’s stop saying things like ‘the country is doomed’

    • victoroo deep nor fre on said:

      seriuosly you nailed it! If its possible to like your comment 1000 times, I sure will do just that.

      Why should we be hand-twisted and cornered into choosing an incompetent incumbent and someone who had been in government before with no clear measurable economic strategy ? Surely, people will want to start saying, but there are other contestants now. Lets not deceive ourselves, if these generals and old folks really have the utmost interest of Nigerians right in the core their heart, they will rally round a young dynamic, firm, young person with very clear and concise Economic policies, measurable on an annual basis

      Just some questions to ponder on, why suddenly the emergence of terrorism at huge scale? why are major stake holders in a political party being sympathetic towards these sects, claiming they should be given amnesty, after all the militants in Niger delta were given Amensty?

      Any way, end of my epistle… we have been placed by the powers that be to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea…..hmm? perhaps we attack the devil or take the plunge, and only hope not go too deep nor freeze to death

  4. My PVC doesn’t even exist! That’s what the message I received from the INEC mailing system.
    If I am not sure of its existence, why should I leave Lagos and go all the way to Ogun state to face all these hassles and then be told the same thing?
    I love Nigeria o, but mehn, this process is frustrating!
    And I believe it is a deliberate effort sef.
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  5. 17 people killed in Paris as a result of terror attacks , French President takes decisive action. 40 other world leaders and one million marchers congregate in Paris to match for freedom.

    2000 people killed in Baga by Boko Haram,. Where is the outrage? I guess the Nigerian government doesn’t even care about their own people dying at the hands of Boko haram. why should anyone else care?

  6. Miss Chibuzo on said:

    Been awhile…..I might be stale at some issues surrounding Nigerian election, but I if were to be around to vote, I may not vote considering what I went through getting my voters card during the last election period and eventually ended up not voting because I wasn’t in the jurisdiction where I obtained my voters card.
    That being said, I also read about the challenges Nigerian Twins and Multiple Births are facing in obtaining their TVC and PVC and how that may prevent them from exercising their constitutional rights. Some say it is a deliberate act by INEC to prevent multiple votes by individuals… It’s sad though!
    Also heard voters may now be allowed to use their TVC to vote and my question is why they allowed people go through hell in obtaining the PVC….let’s not even talk about the money pumped into ensuring the efficiency of the PVC…..
    On a lighter note….Biko Why did they pick FEBRUARY 14 as the day for the general election…..Least they should save people that date to celebrate love (because that is the only day some people understand to show love). Now, people for the fear of crisis will be scared to go out on Valentine’s day….lol…… Bad Market for all those exciting Valentine business owners…..lol
    If it is humor….abeg INEC, it is not funny o! Changing the election month from April to FeBuhari will not guarantee that the right candidate will be elected. After all we don’t even have any right or competent candidate in the first place!

  7. I registered for my tvc in Benin-city and currently live in Lagos, I’d wanted to transfer my registration to Lagos but when I was told the process involved… I no dey vote again.
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  8. I didn’t even bother. I registered when I was still in the university in Ife, now I am serving in Nasarawa. Meaning I can’t vote at all. I don’t understand all these Inec rules and long processes, it’s like Inec is here to frustrate Nigerians.

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