Why I Love To Smell Books

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I have a confession…I love to smell books…especially new books. I love the feel the touch and aroma of books. When I started writing my first book, I had no idea what to do…I was lost. I did not have any formal training in writing, let alone any knowledge on how to publish or layout a book effectively. So what I would do is go down to the local bookstore/library to smell and touch study the books there. I wanted to know why a book caught my attention, why it made me smile and how it felt in my hands. I would stockpile about 10-15 books on a table and all I would do is study and study the book, sniffing touching and lusting. Those books became my writing class and they taught almost everything I needed to know about writing.

But this peculiar behavior of mine was not limited to books only…Anyone who knows me knows that there is nothing that I love more than to watch and experience a live performance. There is something magical at watching creativity unfold right in front of you as you get whisked away by the performance. However, that is where normal people would stop, but as I did with my writing I sniffed and caressed studied the performers at these shows. I asked questions such as: How did they start the peroformance? How did they engage the crowd? How did the comedians transition from one comedy sketch to the next? Why did they end the way they did and Why did they get a standing ovation? I study these things and apply them to my speaking career. For example, I have learnt from Dave Ramsey how to use videos to engage a crowd, I have learnt from Eddie Murphy how tone variations can be used to create multiple characters. I have learnt from Jonathan Sprinkles the importance of eye contact. All these I learnt because I chose to study versus consume. Very few people do the former instead we go through life as consumers, never asking the question why?

Why did that dress catch my eye? Why did I buy that item instead of the other? Why did this particular teacher capture my attention while the others made me sleep. All around us are classroom of ideas for our business, all we have to do is to see beyond the surface and dig a bit deeper. Instead of simply consuming we should study things around us figuring out what makes them catch our attention and apply them to our businesses, passions and hobbies. For example a prospective wedding planner should not just attend a wedding to eat rice and dance. He or she should be studying the wedding environment and noting what is making it successful or unsuccessful. This ability to see the stuff behind the stuff is a unique talent that exceptional entrepreneurs possess. To be exceptional as well you have to transition from consumer to consummate analyst.

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12 comments on “Why I Love To Smell Books

  1. Agunbiadesimi on said:

    Is there anything like “consumate analyst”…lol . Like they say,people stare… Not many can see. Thank u… Thank u for sharing this success secrets…

  2. Feeljudd03 on said:

    Brilliant! That’s why you are such a good writer…you can see what others only stare at and clearly express what others only think about. Welldone

  3. Ayodeji on said:

    Yeah, the idea of asking why rather than just being a consumer was instrumental (not piano and drums) to the success of my first seminar during my NYSC. For our generation to make impact we need to start asking more question about great and successful (even failed) events and people, by that we learn and improve by the experience of others.

  4. Hmmm…… True……. I smell books, I still do. This puts you in the weird zone. But really, thanks for this post Ofili. You still talk sense about “ability to see the stuff behind the stuff”. Applying ASAP. Thank you:D
    radmuse latest post is Beautiful TormentMy Profile

  5. Nneoma on said:

    On my honour as a … i shall study.
    I smell books too ‘ocassionaly’, but i don’t smell the dusty ones or the musty ones though.

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