Why I Do Not Want The Nigeria Dream Team To Win Gold At The Rio Olympics

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“Why I Do Not Want The Dream Team To Win Gold”

I really do not want the Nigerian Dream Team to win Gold or even Silver or Bronze. Here’s why …

Despite the Government stranding them at the airport, not paying their salaries or allowances for over 5 months, embarrassing them at their hotel and basically disrespecting them at every opportunity, like when Sport Minister said:

“What are there for? Because they are U-23 and they went to US and they are having problems, does that become our business?”

Despite all this rubbish, Nigeria might still (especially with their victory over Denmark) be able to win GOLD in the Men’s Olympic Soccer.

The problem with all this … is that if the dream team somehow actually manages to do that (win GOLD), that Nigerians will somehow ascribe it to our fighting spirit. You know that our inner talent to progress despite the bullshit stacked against us by an incompetent Government … that fighting spirit that allows us progress even with NEPA and bad roads?

That fighting spirit is basically the reason why I reluctantly don’t want them to win.

Because a victory especially a GOLD medal victory reinforces the notion that our Government can do rubbish, say rubbish, basically be an obstacle to anything progress and somehow expect GOLDEN performances from her citizens because of our “fighting spirit.”

Just like real life Nigeria, where our Educational system is churning out shitty students but are expecting Golden Innovations, where our civil servants are paid shitty salaries (that’s if they are even paid at all) but are expected to be top notch GOLD medal performers at work, where our Sport Facilities are non-existent but yet we are expecting Golden performances from our athletes!

It’s a shitty cycle of planting bullshit and expecting GOLD to grow.

But I do wish them luck to be honest. If they win I will be proud and very happy … but I worry that their victory will make the government continue with their epic level of ineptitude … that victory will validate Government bullshit.

I mean can you imagine what Nigerian could achieve if we had a Sport Ministry that was awake to their responsibilities, that treated our athletes like Germany or the United States does her athletes.

Do you know how much harder our teams, players will fight to make the country proud and how many GOLD medals we could win? Do you know how many athletes will stop running for other countries?

Sadly, we might never know … especially if the Dream Team manages to win in Rio. That’s why I do not want the Nigerian dream team to win GOLD at the RIO Olympics!




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3 comments on “Why I Do Not Want The Nigeria Dream Team To Win Gold At The Rio Olympics

  1. Bluchelli on said:

    Initially my patriotic spirit wanted them to win
    But then I realized that the probability of them winning gold wasn’t there because they were ill prepared
    I knew deep down that they will not win Gold. Not when there are better prepared and equipped teams out there. We only got that far because Nig is quite good in soccer, but then talent is not enough, not in 2016. Talent must be combined with skill, practice, and vigorous preparation.
    It’s like praying to excel in an exam you deliberately did not prepare for. You can pass, yes, but the chances of having A+ (gold) are nil.
    The rest of gold winning countries prepare/d for 4-8 years straight, but not Nigeria- we always hope for magic, luck and miracles. Truth is, regardless of the God they worship, the better prepared person/team most likely wins because God dignifies labor. How do you reap where you did not sow?. When people are sowing sweat, blood, tears,time, money.. over a period of years. The gold countries truly deserve their medals. We can lick our wounds until 2020

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