Why I Am Disappointed In #APC And Their Zero #Buhari Debates

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I am disappointed in APC.

As one of Nigeria’s youngest parties, I was expecting a Presidential candidate that would flip the elections on its head and put PDP on their toes. I was expecting an APC nomination process filled with live televised debates from potential nominees so that we get to know them better. But instead APC seems to be giving us more of the same…

The same pre-hand picked candidate strategy, the same Goodluck Jonathan no-debate stunt and the same candidate that ran for President in 2004, 2007, 2011 … and is now touted to be the likely candidate for 2015… Muhammadu Buhari!

Talk about a party of change giving us more of the same.

In fact the only change seems to be coming from the largely figure-head Vice Presidential role. But I won’t go there for now….

I will go back to the likely (if the media reports and rumors are true) APC candidate … Muhammadu Buhari. A man with the most Presidential experience of all nominees mentioned so far.

buhariinstaA man with Presidential experience that involves fighting corruption but also fighting press freedom. Presidential experience that involves arresting tons of corrupt Politicians but also arresting musical activist Fela Anikulapo Kuti along with several journalists. Presidential experience that saw him wage a war against indiscipline but simultaneously wage another war against government protests!

A Presidential experience that can only be used if the bad (and the bad are very bad) can be scratched off ignored … is who APC is presenting to us in 2015!

Now, all what I have said could end up being nonsense. APC might actually start debates tomorrow, Buhari might end up not being the APC flag bearer. But with 4 months away from the elections and no debate or challenger to Buhari in sight … I end with how I started … I am disappointed in APC.

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18 comments on “Why I Am Disappointed In #APC And Their Zero #Buhari Debates

  1. GMB isn’t a viable candidate for the APC irrespective of what the current polls indicates. for starters those polls don’t represents the totality of Nigerians as the results are from the top tier of society ie individuals with Internet access.
    GMB has contested the presidential election for over a decade and it would be expected that he should have superior knowledge of what the job requires. However,irrespective of his tenacity I haven’t seen GMB prove to Nigerians that he has a well grounded knowledge of the contemporary Nigeria society and has a pragmatic approach to solver her problems. Either by coincidence or sheer lack of interest but not out of any format of bias I for one
    has never heard him make a public speech or even a debate. GMB hasn’t shown that he has learnt from his previous attempts of clinching the residency of Aso Rock because he has done his campaigns in the same manner he has always done it meanwhile expecting different results. He has neglected the SS ,SE and the middle belt regions while focusing on his strong holds of the NE,thus indirectly indicating he doesn’t need their votes. Unless a miracle happens,GMB attempts would become the SI unit for contesting the presidential election in Nigeria.

  2. I suggest we all keep our fingers crossed until February 2015.

    Then will we hear most of the things that are being shrugged off under the carpet.

    God bless Nigeria!

  3. Ofili, I share your sentiment. We keep recycling our leaders. I mean Nigeria is home to 170 million people. Are we saying there aren’t any young sharp mind like a Fashola that can run for president.

    If APC keeps dulling like this, we might see the return of GEJ in 2015. I fear that Nigeria cannot survive another 4 years with the current government in place.
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  4. Where are the likes of Donald Duke and Fashola? As far as I’m concerned, those are the most useful Governors Nigeria has seen in my lifetime. Abi is it that our Presidents must be over 55 years? I just tire.

  5. Daba Bob-Manuel on said:

    @Mark Nsikan. So because we want PDP out, we should manage Buhari? Should we not be looking to raise the bar? APC or whatever party should raise the bar.

    • For now, the old men are losing it.

      My strong opinion is that APC had no fundamental ideology as their reason for the merger.

      I’m not even sure that party has a defined blueprint and a working drawing board.

      We just talking of people who fighting PDP based on election failures and NOT on democratic principles.

      Not so good…not so good.

      I hope Nigerian youths learn this lessons early enough.

      What do you think?

  6. I am disappointed as well because I really dont see any of the presidential candidates being touted by the APC beating Jonathan. I have actually resigned to Jonathan winning a second term and hoping that in his second term because he isnt seeking re-election we might see a bit of back bone and development from him. Buhari is a waste of nomination. If I was APC, I would find a young credible candidate from the south or south south (it will confuse the hell of the north vs south voters) but that’s me.
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    • Sir Farouk. Thank you joor. If you talk sey Buhari no be correct candidate APC loyalists will accuse you of being a hater. Not knowing that we all want a strong APC candidate. How a whole young party of change will pick Presidential aspirant that has been running since 2003, 2007 and 2011 to come and represent then in 2015 blows my mind. Even if it was him they had to pick, why not have a very open Primary so that people can see the reason why it has to be Buhari. But no … just confusion and the same old Buhari noise.
      Okechukwu Ofili latest post is Why I Am Disappointed In #APC And Their Zero #Buhari Debates My Profile

  7. I think their best candidate would be Adams Oshiomole if he contests. They have other good likely candidates like Fashola and Rochas Okorocha but in my opinion, the only man they have that can beat Jonathan is Oshiomole. He can rally votes from all across the nation. He seems very detribalised.

    Other young and intelligent senators or reps can’t do it at this time.

    I’d also like APC to have either a christian candidate or a very liberal Muslim one if Jonathan is contesting. This I think can reduce some tensions at this time…. Just a thot.

  8. smartx on said:

    GMB is a failed project! He hopes to win and make Naija better with a magic wand. GMB had his opportunity, but never made any meaningful impact except the WAI. He used his power against d press, politicians from d south and oppressed every form of opposition. In a sane environment, GMB should be barred for life from contesting or holding any public office. Anyways, d hypocrite will be offering Mr Clueless another 4 yrs if he becomes APC flag bearer.

  9. APC will lose the 2015 presidential elections.
    GMB will retire from politics.
    APC will disintegrate after the elections.
    GoodLuck will be a very different man after 2015.

    • This was the same mistake Atiku made in his campaign in the last presidential elections.

      I still remember him picking up the broom to say his party was going to sweep off PDP from the number one office in Nigeria.

      Too sad for him. It didn’t happen. And to interesting to see him trying to reconnect with his PDP counterparts.

      Let’s hope Buhari won’t make the same mistake.

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