Why Are You Asking Me Questions? Another True @ofilispeaks Story

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Part 1

This week I received a call from my Credit Union in Houston, telling me that my car loan was past due. Without thinking anything of it, I assumed the fault was mine and agreed for them to pull the money from my account to make up the gap.

But then they said they could not withdraw from my account because it was empty. I was like huh? What did you say? Because the last time I checked there was more than enough money in my account.


So I started asking questions. Lot’s of questions, so many questions, they had to put me on hold to escalate my questions to another level. But I kept asking “How much was in my account?” “How much have I paid in since the loan started?” “Is it a bi-weekly payment?”

And because of the questions I asked, my Credit Union eventually realized that they might have made a mistake. So they told me they would review the case further and get back to me.

The very next day, I got a call stating that I have been wrongly charged close to double the amount I should have been paying for the past 4 months for no explicable reason. So not only was my loan not past due but my account was due a large amount of money from my Credit Union … I was like …


Part 2

The following day I am at Starbucks smelling coffee when I log into my website ofilispeaks.com and realize that my website is not loading, it just shows a blank page. I try 3-4 other browsers, but its the same result. I immediately contact the company hosting my website to investigate.

They reviewed the site back-end and told me that the likely reason my site was not working was because my domain was pointing to the wrong name-server-x. This did not make sense to me, because about 2 weeks ago this very same company told me to point my domain to that name-server-x. So like I did in part 1, I started asking questions …

“Why has it worked up to this point?” “What suddenly changed?” “Has NEPA brought light?” I referred him to past tickets showing him where name-server-x was recommended to me by his company.

But he still insisted my domain was pointing to wrong name server and needed to be changed. I politely told him I did not agree with him. He did not get angry, instead he said I was free to talk to someone else in his company … And so I did…

The lady I speak to tells me and I quote “your server is down because it is past due on a payment.”

I was like huh? What did you say? Because the last time I checked there was more than enough money in my account.


She said yes, but somehow the auto-pay link got broken so we were not able to automatically debit your account. She recommended that I re-enter my billing information and within 5 minutes, my site was up and running!

No change to servers, no wasting time, no nothing. I was like “Told you so!”

i told you so

Part 3

Fast forward a few days in the very same week…

I get a call from Nigeria and its from my realtor forming landlord, he is upset. He is telling me that one of the tenants complained that the load I left under the staircase is too much and is blocking their window.

I explain to him that I just moved in and naturally I needed to store some stuff temporarily till I finished working on the house (at that time we were still painting the rooms) after which I would move my stuff upstairs. I also tell him that I asked permission from the gate-man and he said it was okay for me to put some stuff there.

The mention of the gate-man seems to upset my realtor forming landlord. So he yells “Did you sign contract with the gate-man?”

At this point I am like “ah so this guy wants to go legal.”

So I asked … “what part of the contract am I violating?”

This pisses him off even more, so he says “In fact you are not allowed to put anything at all under the stairs, remove everything!” <– an obvious lie

Unfazed, I reel off a bunch of other questions in quick succession …

“How come other tenants have stuff stored under the staircase?” “How come there are stuff stored around the house” “Who do I complain to if I find other tenants storing stuff there after I follow your order?” “Are you sure no one is allowed to put anything under the stairs?” “Are you being consistent?”

My realtor forming landlord then says “It looks like you will be a problem tenant” I ask “Why?” And his response …

“Because you are asking so many QUESTIONS!”

office questions

Part 4

Same week, same type of questions … 2 different outcomes. The only difference, the Nigerian factor.

Ask questions, challenge people’s logic and they feel insulted because they are older than you or supposedly wiser. When I challenged with questions in part 1 and part 2, the company/individual were able to identify and correct their mistakes. But in Nigeria … the guy was pissed not because of the content/logic of the questions, but because I dared to ask questions!

Anyway, it’s been 2 months in the apartment and I am happy to say that “some” people are still storing stuff under the staircase with no issues. But that’s none of my business …

thats none of my business

PS: I apologize for my inconsistent posts of late, I recently changed apartments and the move has temporarily destabilized my writing flow. But I hope to return to regular blogging very soon.

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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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  1. Christian chinedu on said:

    You are excused. Orientation is a big issue in Nigeria, and among Nigerians. Overseas, customer is king. Here, the reverse is the case. Brilliant work.

  2. This article is so on point! I have this same problem with my boss,she hates people asking questions. I don’t even understand it.

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