Who Won The Laziness Contest?

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“Who won the Laziness Contest?” Is a question I have been asked more than 20 times this past weekend. Under normal circumstance it should be a straight forward answer, which would read: The person with the most votes.

Sadly, this is not the case as several complaints were raised about a contestant who got over 1500 votes in the space of 6 hours. But before I go on I would like to state that the contestant in question did not cheat as has been purported by many. Actually the contestant has been open with how he got his votes, including prints screens and a chronological description of events leading to his vote count.

Based on the above, I have had to weigh both sides of the situation intermittently for days to ensure that I was making the best decision. Now I know that my decision will not make everyone happy, but it will in my opinion be the best compromise solution to a tricky situation.

At the end of the day my decision was based on a simple word…FUN. The whole essence of the contest was for people to have FUN…because of this I allowed people who had sent in their pictures after the deadline to still enter the contest so that they could participate and enjoy the contest. This was a decision that in the end backfired and is one that I take responsibility for. That said I want to ensure that I do not set the precedence for future contests to be decided by what I call “organized voting.” In organized voting I mean websites that are structured/organized to garner multiple votes for contestants, which ends up giving the beneficiary an unfair advantage over others. With that said, my decision on the current contest is as follows:

Winner of The Blackberry 9930 (or $300) Ruth with 572 votes


Winner of the Amazon Kindle Fire (or $200) Chuks 549 votes


3rd place Oyinkasola 362 votes


NOTE: Because I did not do a good job in providing detailed rules and regulations, I will give a consolatory prize to the affected person. And as mentioned before will use the mistakes of this contest to develop detailed guidelines for future contests.

PS: I am not naive enough to believe that everyone will accept this decision, but I do hope they accept that it was made with great difficulty and thoughtful deliberation.



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23 comments on “Who Won The Laziness Contest?

  1. edith ajunwa on said:

    My friend won!!! Yay! How do we share d money sef?.. I guess we’ll break d bb and share it in parts! *dancing etighi and leaving the stage*

  2. Aniwura Omolayo on said:


    I waited and was not disappointed. High five, Ofili!
    Well, I got the FUN part of it! And thirstily looking forward to the next contest.

    So, what’s the next book title: How FUN Saved My Life?
    All in favour say ‘Aye’!

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      lol….more like how FUN depleted my bank account =D

      Glad it is over sha…had a blast seeing the pictures…very funny and creative.

  3. Francex on said:

    Nice … Wen i got my copy, I took a very very creative lazy pix ( beyond imagination …so out of d world)..beautiful concept wit d right props and d best photographer in d world(my kid bro) and even my mum’s opinion..I  was so excited> I opened my mailbox>compose message>keyed in ur mail address >attached d pix>den pointed d mouse to d send tab buh my finger couldn’t click on d mouse..there ws a war b/w my finger and my mind lol! So I cancelled……and dat was how I cowardly bcked out…and I actually got d book bcos of d contest..great book though.

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Francex…i was about to write a check, I had pulled out the pen, written the amount, balanced my checkbook, but when it got to signing the check I was so tired…but I can still mail you a picture of the check =D

  4. Great blog, great books. This is a library on its own. Never regret the experience, inspiration and connectivity drown from your works. Keep it up. Hope you wouldnt mind if i steal from you as you advice in your book (HOW LAZINESS SAVED MY LIFE). on said:

    Great blog works ofili. Keep up the job

  5. Donmexamor on said:

    I procastinated about getting the book till the last day and when i got to the shop,they were closing.Funny enough i did not have a enough cash and quickly informed them to give me few minutes to withdraw cash from the ATM..they must have chanted ‘OYO’ cos the shop was closed sequel to my return 5 mins later.

    I may not have participated in the laziness contest but i surely learnt the dangers and consequences of procastination.The contest was dramatic and entertaining and the winner deserves it.Great blog Ofili.kp it up.

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