Buhari Photocracy: While We Were Distracted In Washington

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So while you were distracted by the fine pictures of our President’s 33 man entourage coming from Washington DC. While you were discussing whether Obama shook hands firmer with GEJ or GMB or what color Oshiomole’s suit was. While you were doing all that, let me remind you about home …

buhari shakes

Our government has approved a State bail-out plan worth over 25% of our average annual budget .. 1.2 Trillion Naira to be precise … without a sitting National Assembly or Finance Minister.

And talking about Finance Minister, we don’t have one yet. Actually we don’t have any Ministers yet. According to the Washington Post and not the Nigerian Post because you can never trust us with that sort of news … our ministers will be announced in September … 6 months after election day.

But don’t worry about that, after all our President slept in the Blair House for the first time in the history of Nigeria! Which is convenient because for the first time in Nigeria’s history our Naira now trades close to 250 to the dollar on the black market.

Our economy is in the tanks…and our Security…

Well our Security is under control, according to our President, we are somehow winning the war on Boko Haram … in his words:

“In recent weeks, it [Boko Haram] appears to have shifted away from confronting the military directly to an increase in attacks on civilian areas, as we saw only last week when an elderly woman and 10-year-old girl blew themselves up at a Muslim prayer gathering in northeastern Nigeria. We should not be confused by this change, hateful as it is: It does not mean that Boko Haram is succeeding in its aims — it shows that it is losing…” – President Muhammadu Buhari

But why read all that or question the statement when you can see yet another beautiful picture of our President walking across another Picture ….

buhari walks

But thankfully the National assembly is here to save us as they work diligently to attend to pressing national issues from unemployment to inflation all from the comfort of their couches!

Yes their couches, the National Assembly has spent more time in recess than they have fighting for the Nigerian people. But at least they have been fighting…fighting for themselves Saraki style.

Luckily today July 21st is the last day of the ill-advised recess …our National assembly will get back to fighting for you and me tomorrow morning … except wait … that that has been postponed by another 7 days! But who cares when you can see another picture of our President in Washington…check out the smiles…


After all the issues are so urgent that we don’t want our leaders rushing in to fix them! We want them to take time!

All jokes aside …

While you are mesmerized by the pictures, by the inconsequential occurrences … let’s not forget about the real issues at home. Let’s not forget that our economy is in a free fall. Let’s not forget that projects are on-hold while investors wait to determine whether or not to invest money in Nigeria. Let’s not forget that due to an undefined government Nigeria is losing money. Let’s not forget all this.

It’s great to applaud our President, because he does look good, he makes Nigeria look sexy good. But looking good is not going to put food on our tables…but who am I kidding here is another picture of some Nigerians and our good looking President with food on their table…THE END


twitterWritten by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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19 comments on “Buhari Photocracy: While We Were Distracted In Washington

  1. Gbam! And some people want to remove my head when I said these things. Thank you Ofili! All those glassy pictures are quite infuriating. I’m waiting for it to break not even crack.

  2. VeekieToria on said:

    Mehn the way u think are u sure our mothers didn’t eat the same kind of food when they were pregnant…… Sometimes I wish I had supported GMB during the election, at least when I point out issues like this perhaps people will listen instead of going all ure pro GEJ on me.
    Nice write up as usual……. If only 1 of our so called journalists would write something like this instead of showing us all these perfectly edited pics

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Me too…I should have not even voted. Because every small thing you talk people will say you are biased. I tire. Government is spending money with no checks and balances and nobody is talking. smh…

  3. smart on said:

    Being overly positive and refusing to look at what’s not going well has a destructive down side that leads to avoiding the truth. The new type of Govt is what I term Photocracy, we ignore how much we have lost in the stock market since May 29th. Thisday puts it at N823 Billion!

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Serious Photocracy. Real issue, misguided statement, errors made in the past 4 years that will not have been pardoned being glossed over. I just can’t…I just can’t.

  4. Lolash on said:

    Maybe I am the one misunderstanding your posts but most times they always sound anti-Buhari
    He has not even stayed 3mths in office and we are all looking for one wonderful change
    Pls lets give the man a break…he has achieved more than most of the past leaders (which I have no intention of naming) could in double the time he has spent in office
    I was nevet for any of them (GMB or GEJ) but I think I like the way Buhari is going…Better than whatI would have expected from GEJ

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      I am not looking for overnight change. Things have improved in terms of light, but there are several glaring issues that we as a nation are not talking about.

      Why is NASS still on strike? In the midst of serious national issues? Why are we not getting clear policy directions? Nigeria asked and asked for dates on ministerial appointments and they only told us through Washington Post?

      I am not anti-Buhari. He has the potential to be one of the best Nigerian Presidents. But he won’t get there is we keep quiet even when he messes up.

  5. Sammy on said:

    Some times I feel I stand alone in my view of things and issues going on in our dear country, but I guess or know now there are 7000 others who have not bowed their knees to the Baal of shallow mindedness and short sightedness. Glad there are some who can still take a step back and see the bigger picture. Thanks for putting the thoughts we have in the inner recesses of our hearts in plain words in such an apt way. God bless Nigeira.

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Sammy we are praying for his success Nigeria cannot afford 4 years of the same. I just am morally opposed to silence in the midst of apparent issues.

  6. toyin on said:

    Ofili to be sincere these is nice write up but then I remember a saying about writers I hear back in school

    It’s goes like this

    “Writers write for you or write to u to feel them”

    These article was for us to feel u more and nothing else

    I’m hoping u will not block me boss!!!!!

  7. Saint steve on said:

    ofili calling the trip to the Us inconsequential is the height of naivety. well what do you know as an arm chair critic ?when you work as a civil servant or a middle line officer in a company who waits for pay cheque at the end of the month you wont understand. No u wont Know that to raising credit for businesses in our home country it is more about perception than business prospects. in as much as it sucks the perception of the west determines the health of any nations economy, Greece can at least tutor you on this .
    Also That no matter how sound an individual is put him in a failed system he will but surely fail so we need a sanitized structure more than we need ministers at the moment .
    that Nigeria is more about the people than what ever process, a timely bail out was not only a demonstration of good faith by the govt but a response to an emergency, you seem to be oblivious of the fact that what drives the Nigerian micro economy is the purchasing power of the various state civil servants. they are the reason why the onitsha main market Edumota and laba international would post profit, it was more or less a bailout not to the local market which your Igbo brothers own the largest share. i do agree with you to an extent about the National assembly but then to be fair to them there is nothing that has been delayed on account of their recess. and just before i forget , you of all people should know that a trip to a mans house where your son has hidden the sum of $150 billion a mist your households cry for hunger is not a frivolous visit

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Saint Steve:
      Quick things…I am not opposed to bailing out states to pay their staff. I have just said that a President approving 25% of the National Budget up to 1.2 Trillion Naira with no checks and balances, no NASS and no ministers is dangerous. If you disagree with the checks and balance things, then let’s debate. If not then we are saying the same thing.

      On Arm Chair critic…I laugh, if you are an in the streets critics, please share your accomplishments so we can compare.

      Lastly, the statement inconsequential firsts like “President sleeping in Blair House for the first time” should not be stretched to say the trip was inconsequential. No where was that stated. Unless you believe sleeping in the Blair House is significant … if not then we are saying the same thing.

  8. Emeka on said:

    Oshiomole is really looking good.. Btw Buhari’s photographer appears to be the only one doing a great job in this administration so far. But i guess it’s a bit too early to judge.

  9. Fortune on said:

    Ofilli, I think we’re asking for too much too soon and its dangerous. Granted, the measures on bailout taken could backfire without your ‘checks and balances’ in place. But PMB inherited institutions we complained about for so long even making arguments to the effect that these institutions had bad foundations. Now my question is this: wud a methodical approach not suffice? Let’s give him time. We didn’t die after 16yrs another year wud do no harm the 16 hasn’t done.

  10. frank on said:

    ofili remember when i told you that our economy was going to be f*+”=D FOR A WHILE and you were arguing . Remember, it was when you wrote that post about falling oil prices. I told you that nigeria is in serious trouble you can see it now. I am a prophet

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