We Come In Peace

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There was a time when Nigerians used to be respected all over the world. But after 419 and several drug related incidents, Nigeria fell into the zone. The zone where customs officers look at you funny the minute you flash out a green passport, The zone where flight attendants attitude changes as soon as the plane starts heading to Nigeria, The zone where you get looked at twice in immigration, not because you are sexy, but because your face looks Nigerian. Its crazy!

Can you believe that I was stopped twice (arrival and departure) at Houston George Bush International airport this year because I did not have a transit visa to allow me enter and depart Canada. I had a valid H1-B work visa but yet they carried me into their special interrogation room…I was like crap…I went to the University of Houston for 5 years, worked and paid taxes in Houston for another 5 years but yet I still get treated in Houston like I am some Alien…not like immigration Alien…MIB3 type alien with fish scales from another planet outside the Milkyway….sent to destroy planet Earth!

Sometimes I just want to scream “I COME IN PEACE.”

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25 comments on “We Come In Peace

  1. Lol very sad. A south african friend once told me the 90 percent of Nigerians in SA are criminals. Takes me back to chimamanda adichie’s brilliant TED talk in 2009 “danger of a single story”. That’s exactly what Nigeria image has become. A single story. I hope we able to deflate this wrong impression someday. I just hope..

  2. Niceone…. Maybe an inscribed shirt saying *I’ve come in Peace* will do. Just like @Omojuwa the other day on board @ArikAir flight. But, it wasn’t funny. He was banned, but maybe that would be accepted and seen in that light outside our shore!

    Mutallab, No Thanks to you for adding to this discrimination! You have brought this consciousness to Grade A. Too bad… Never travelled outta the shored but I read about this every other day from the dailies, and now from my favourite Blogger being a victim. Sorry Boss.

    • Just like fitwoman said below, we simply have to start with ourselves. After ourselves, we have to focus on those around us. If somebody is doing something fraudulent, do not welcome him in church or sing his praises…call him out. By doing so we start creating ripple effects that would change our nations image across the globe…but it starts with us (Ofili begins singing Man In The Mirror)…
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  3. fitwoman on said:

    I believe when we change as individuals and become the people we are supposed to be they’ll come looking for us. Ofilli and others are setting the pace ” We come in peace” “We bring solutions”!

  4. Kayode Disu on said:

    It’s funny and it isn’t at the same time. It’s funny because of the humour Ofili infused in his experience, and it isn’t funny because the whole world has stereotyped us as evil, negative, corrupt and fraudulent people. No thanks to our corrupt leaders because their endorsements are all over this considering how they’ve perpetually embezzled our money and mismanaged our resources with reckless abandon!

    I concur with all the solutions proffered. As a way of addition, let’s start by refraining from throwing pure water sachets out of vehicle windows, they litter the streets and our roads. Let’s start by exercising restrain when some evil thought is telling us to short-change a fellow brother/sister. Let’s be the change we crave to see in this country to make Nigeria a better place and take her back to her past glory or even surpass it.

  5. We keep expecting God 2 do 4 us, what he expects us 2 do 4 ourselves.it is good dat we continue 2 pray but at d same time let’s understand that the problems we have in Nigeria are not necessarily spiritual. Let those who r good continue 2 be good and let all those who mean well for Nigeria not give up just yet. Let’s celebrate n ecourage positive values. Dere are still a few Nigerians who *come in peace*

  6. jazmyne on said:

    I think with us Nigerians, blaming the “govt” or “Jonathan” has become an excuse to be lazy. Bad lazy.:D. Its not the “govt” that made any of those people do what they do, they chose it. And we love the idea of God so much, but we don’t love Him. And we like the sound of prayer, that we forget to do. We need help, and we have to find it ourselves, and No, a T-shirt would not work either.

  7. @Ofili It doesn’t just stop with 419 and drugs; it includes medical fraud, impersonation at embassies and several other types of crime. My elder sister started a business in New York and never told anyone where she was from until she got the trust of her clients; then she said she was Nigerian! There are many refined Nigerians out there. We just need to keep trying and someday we might salvage what’s left of our country’s image. We don’t have another country!

  8. Recently I was at a seminar – People helping you to get your admission and visa. This woman was just talking about Nigerian with fake result and many of them running away to others countries without prior document and permission. I was just like whoa……as it really gotten to this point?. In-fact, the lady’s topic that day was all about Nigerian and their tricks. God help us

  9. Toyin is right, we export experts and we’re not known for that only the little foxes that spoil the vine…our leaders and politicians also haven’t helped Nigeria’s foreign image..we all have a big role to play in this image laundering.
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  10. Keep doing your best and never be deter by the negativity…Indians,Chinese suffered same!We carry unusual presence thus need for us to move on not looking back.

  11. I learnt moving to Canada from any part of Africa is really tough now, unlike the 2012 when you newly made this post. Pls could you update this post to reveal additional info on the topic.

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