@Verastic Dangerous Conversation With @Ofilispeaks #theVerasticShow On @gidilounge

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VERASTIC SHOW flier designYou know you have arrived when Oprah Winfrey Vera Ezimora calls you personally to beg command you to talk about your life on the Verastic Show. If you have not heard of the Verastic Show…then slap yourself! Moving along…

Vera and I will be talking about those things that people do not like to talk about. You know those things like Religion, Gay Marriage, Cultural shenanigance and other stuff. The topic of our discussion is NIGERIA’S DANGEROUS ADDICTION TO RELIGION we would be talking about everything, nothing held back Church, tithing, Ese Walter thingz, Spiritual thingz, asuu thingz…NYSC thingz. We would be broadcasting live on www.gidilounge.fm November 2nd….if you have not heard about gidilounge.fm then frog jump! osiso! Moving along…

We would also talk about my new book How Intelligence Kills…if you have not heard about How Intelligence Kills…then kneel down, hands up and close your eyes! Oya open your eyes, but still kneel down! How Intelligence Kills is my latest book based on my 3 year relocation experience in Nigeria. The book and this interview will be awesome, I mean @verastic and @ofilispeaks that’s like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston (but we never die…we still dey o).

Anyway check out the show on www.gidilounge.fm on Saturday, November 2nd at 5pm Nigerian time (no african time o!) and 12 noon eastern oyinbo time and 11 am central ndi ocha time. Ngwanu jisike…

twitterOfili is an author who blogs about life, success and entrepreneurial excellence Nigerian bullshit. Follow him on twitter, Facebook or subscribe to his blog for more honest talk and as @ofilispeaks on instagram for more sketches! To bring Ofili to your school or organization as a speaker simply go here. His third bookHow Intelligence Kills will be coming out in December of 2013.




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5 comments on “@Verastic Dangerous Conversation With @Ofilispeaks #theVerasticShow On @gidilounge

  1. I just love dis guy called Ofili! Ur sense of humour and writing style just keep cracking me up anytime! Couldn’t listen in on d show. Hope you can share a link later on or somfin…

  2. Ofili, come on man! this came sooo late! I check your blog every day and I did not see this yesterday! next time put it up atleast 1 week before! Ki lo de?

    PS: easy on the igbo phrases….or translate! I dont wanna miss out on the fun!

    Finally, Ok Ofili, take ya time…next time carry me along…lol!

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