My University Crashes My Work Meeting

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So I was sitting down yesterday morning at a monthly work meeting with like 200 thousand people paying attention to the presentation instagramming pictures of my new socks to the world wide web when it came to the end of the presentation. The last slide…final presentation. I was excited, time to grab lunch and get back to the nitty gritty of the day…wrong….


Out of know where I see a face I recognized from my school…The University Of Houston. It was Vita Como the Senior Director at the Engineering Career Center, she was with Mike Ramos, who introduced himself as the President of the Engineering Alumni Association. In my head, I was like:

“interesting! A special presentation by UH on school and work relationships. Even more time to instagram my other sock.”

And then Mike Ramos was like…is Okechukwu Ofili here. I was like…huh…I got up and walked to the front of the room where I was told that I had won a million dollars been selected as the 2014 Distinguished Young Engineer for the Univerisity Of Houston Cullen College of Engineering for my outstanding research on anti-gravity repulsion gamma radiation gun and its effects in making Ostriches fly higher  making significant contributions to the society and bringing credit to the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering!

It was quite one of the most awesome days of my life, even better than the first time I…o never mind.

But in all seriousness I owe the University Of Houston (UH) a lot. As an immigrant in Houston, settling down was tough enough, but thanks to the incredible diversity at UH that surrounded me with awesomeness, thanks to the teachers who educated in the classroom and assisted me outside the classroom with scholarships…thanks to the Y building that sheltered when I was voluntarily homeless, thanks to all these things I am where I am now. I have met so many awesome people during that program that will make a dent in the world and I can all but say I am pumped and stoked at the award.

Now I get to claim “young” again after many years…


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  1. Adaeze on said:

    I’m really proud of you! you’re an inspiration to me and countless young people. You’ll continue to make us all proud and make plenty moolah too.

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