Confessions Of A Socialite

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I have no idea how the words came into my mind, I just remember telling it to a co-worker and the next thing the office exploded with laughter. So I had to share the moment with you through a sketch. Hopefully it creates the same reaction as it did at my office =)

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3 comments on “Confessions Of A Socialite

  1. Francis chieze on said:

    Exceptional! Oh I love it , my Nigerian pride , so Nigerian can impact in this positive way. Indeed, my dear compatriot how I wish u can come to Nigeria to help re-brand the minds of our future youths here who has no vision and mission in life. Ur speeches are phenomenal…waahho I am in love of it all, please keep it up and grease to ur elbow…..Francis (

  2. Tope on said:

    Ok, imma burst your bubble, Ofili. I’m sorry *covers face* 1. Is Francis comment related to the above sketch at all? 2. Someone once told me this, and I google it and didn’t find any evidence to support it, that ‘I’m’ is gradually being generally replaced with ‘am’ . Is this true? 3. And yeah, it’s kinda funny, but maybe it was funnier at the office. You still rock though, bless!

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