There Really Might Not Be An App For That

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Not every problem requires an app.
Not every solution is in a website.

In the new tech age where businesses rifle of the latest solutions to seemingly impossible problems and become overnight successes, think Instagram, UBER, and others. It is easy to believe that almost every problem has an app solution waiting to be discovered.

But sometimes that is not the case. Sometimes what a problem needs is for us to go down to the community, to interact with the community to find “solutions.”

Not a singular uniform “solution” that works with the push of a button and fixes everything. But solutions that require community presence to solve them.

So the next time you encounter a problem, don’t think about creating an app first. Rather think about an app-less solution, because not every problem can be solved with an app.



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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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9 comments on “There Really Might Not Be An App For That

  1. You know this post made me think hard and i can already list about 3 problems i believe can only be solved by all the community coming together. No 1 being prevention of a repeat of the Ese tragedy and how we deal with the aftermath
    Chidi latest post is The Desperate SoulsMy Profile

  2. Jeffrey Jude
    Jeffrey Jude on said:

    Sexism is bad!, download our app at Google play Store to learn more

    Suicide is selfish!, download our app at Apple app store to know more

    Save our environment!, download our app at Blackberry app store to get more info

    Always eat right!, visit our website to see how

    It’s normal, it’s considered advancement, it’s seen as moving forward
    Every bloody thing has an app! Even the most useless of things!, I’m not against technological advancement (believe me, I had an Internet addiction) but let’s just pack our bags and leave the virtual world!, earth is just full of empty bodies with souls trapped in phone screens and Twitter feeds….

    Me:Earth to virtual world, can all human souls please come back home, we’ve got some big problems here…

    @ofili, I would really love to write for you, I’m 16 and a writer, fell in love with your book, how stupidity saved my life, if you care contact me 08185954590. I’m a Nigerian! (like that isn’t obvious)

  3. It’s quite unfortunate that what is suppose to make us more knowledgeable and we applying such knowledge into our
    everyday life issues has made us more indolent.

    Thanks Ofili for this.

  4. mr faradara on said:

    We sometimes believe the answer is always beyond our deep thinking to fashion out the way out… We need think the community. Think, being our brother’s keeper!

  5. There are several reasons for this, some of which I believe are the Watch s fault, and some of which I believe are due to developers not thinking through whether building a watch app is actually worthwhile for their users. I d like to explore each, and along the way help developers that are still on the fence about whether a Watch app makes sense for their service.

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