Don’t Write For The Applause

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post-27484-writing-advice-5-cents-peanuts-FVGlDon’t write for the applause.

Write because there is something deep down in your soul trying to get out, biting at your conscience, kicking at your heart, tugging at your sleeves … fighting! Fighting because it needs to…

But sadly no one pays attention, because most are trying to write for the applause … for the clicks … for the SEO search results. So they focus on the popular news stories, the key words, the rumors, the gossips, the celebrities, because that’s were the applause is loudest where the clicks are largest.

But our duty as writers is to ignore the urge and addiction to the applause. The great writers, the truly great ones, listen to the tug, feel the kick and let the feeling inside spill out on the pages of their blogs or note pad.

They write not to massive fanfare or loud applause but yet they write!

You must write, because what you write is the truth. The truth that needed to be told. Keep writing the truth and one day the applause will find you. It’s 2015…let’s go typewriters type writers!

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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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18 comments on “Don’t Write For The Applause

  1. Amen! Amen! Amen!
    *standing on my feet and clapping*

    If at all I seek applause it is only from He who gave me the voice that speaks through my writing.

  2. just had some thought…u talked about the CLICKS…and the rumours…so i ask:

    1. what if the thought writhing ur heart has something to do with some rumour or popular news.

    2. what if the writer is not really writin for THE APPLAUSE, but he writes with the mndset that he needs THE CLICKS…, i mean: how else can u share ur thoughts, art, work If u do not try to get some clicks?? visits.

  3. Yep. Spot on. Satisfying the yearnings of our soul to be heard right is an honest and more fulfilling way to influence right. We have to move past the clicks and the tricks.

    Enjoyed this.

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