The Thin Line

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I’ve seen so many relationships, friendships and even companies destroyed due to a lack of communication. Rather than conveying our true thoughts we hide them in a package of supposed peace to protect the feelings of our significant others. But what ends up happening most of the time is that our packages of peace are unwrapped at the most inconvenient moments…during an arguement or even during a divorce proceeding when it is too late! COMMUNICATE it can save your relationship.



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  1. i once saw a movie where a mans secretary became obsessed with him. rather than explain the situation to his wife when he first noticed the issue, he decided to handle it on his own. this came back to bite him later when the secretary managed to break into his hotel room and attempt suicide on his bed. If he had kept his wife in the loop along the way, this situation would have been far easier to explain. that fact that hed been faithful to his wife meant nothing because he hadnt been faithful with information. because of his oversight, his wife went straight from love to hate.

  2. Communication is so complicated though. I believe that sometimes people hear what they want to hear. Exhibit A.What the man SAYS: I don't ever want to get married.What the woman HEARS sometimes: I don't wan't to get married today, but maybe in a few months.Exhibit B.What the woman says: I need you to listen to me, I want to tell you about a problem I'm having.What the man hears: I'm going to tell you a problem, and it's your job to fix it.And then the woman gets annoyed when the man comes up with solutions. All she needed was for him to listen.

  3. I don't think communication is the problem..its lack of effective communication: empathy, compassion, listening, patience, body language, respect…the lack of these elements are the problem. You can talk all day..tell your partner who you are so he understands…is he listening? does he remember? do you remember?..selfishness, self-centeredness, pride, and ego get in the way of effective communication.

  4. Communication is just a stepping stone, it has the ability even if the other party can comprehend to lead down the path of either love or hate. It is not the one thing that can make or break a relationship but it is vital in order to keep one strong @ Nonye, real talk…. But the nature of an individuals true thought is the most vital @ Halima. Communication, these days, is definitely a vital skill that can promote a person in all areas of life.

  5. There's nothing left to say. I think between Nonye, Halima, Ayo and Linda, every thing that needs to be said on this issue has been said. Women seem to have the solutions to all relationship problems. I think if only we, men, would listen just a lil' bit more, right? Lol.Btw, I love the graphic, Okechukwu.

  6. Talk is cheap and as people we seem to think communications is what comes out of your mouth. You can talk all day and night and still keep doing the same thing that gets you back talking again. Communication is a action word. Speak and then do. Just like we teach our children . You say it and you show it. How do I know you love me just because you say it all the time? No you have communicated you love me by showing me you love me, respect me listen to me by acting upon those things I speak and like wise I do the same.And anyway we have too many people who love each other but very FEW who are in love with each other. That my friends is another level.

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  8. @ Femi, its not necessarily just men who don't listen. Lol. Communication, like I said before is somewhat similar to a verbal or mental transaction. In other words , it takes two. Also, effective listening and communication span through all facets of life. It doesn't only pertain to personal relationships(But I'm sure you already know that…).

  9. Whats interesting is society (and our pure human nature) has provided a means for us as a people to become lazy. Why dial all those numbers and talk on the phone or Heaven forbid you actually meet someone in person, when you can sit on your sofa while watching uninterrupted tv and text someone how much you love, hate or are mad at them. And jus cuz you add a smiley face does not mean I, the reciever, should know that your text is a joke or that you are laughing, or that you are sending a mass text jus for someone to hit you back. words on paper/text do not carry emotion, technology was made to help reduce the strain in contacting one another, we, as people have turned into our ONLY form of communication all the while HOPING the person on the recieving end decodes the information properly. Not only is there a need to learn how to communicate and comprehend but the need to explore the avenues that are acceptable for conveying certain messages..

  10. @Ayo: if lack of effective communication is the problem, then surely Communication is the main problem. Not too sure I understood your point.@Trisha: Definitely people communicate differently, if you cannot bridge that communication gap then you have a communication problemI just personally feel that communication is the root cause of most relationship problems, whether non-verbal communication, verbal, lack of listening, body langauge etc they all fall under communication. Most people that are going through tough times in their relationship will rather try and get solutions from a million other people without once reaching out to their significant order.

  11. The line is thin!- Thinner than the credit card I'm swiping!- Thinner than a malnutritioned Ethiopean!- With a rib cage juxtaposed next to the strings of a Violin!- Being played by the bony fingers of the main character in Tim Burton's Coralin(e)!- Thinner than the opposite of the 7th deadly sin!- Which is actually Lindsay Lohan on her 7th session of vomiting!The line is thin! We must eat!!

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