The #StopViolenceChallenge Who Will You Nominate?

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First of all it was Boko Haram kidnapping innocent school girls in Nigeria, then it was ISIS beheading Christians in Iraq and then it was Police shooting unarmed citizens in Ferguson, Missouri … and that was just the tip!

From Syria to Ukraine to Kenya to Israel … there seems to be an unprecedented amount of violence happening across the world this year. I don’t know what it is about 2014 that makes it so violent. But in my 32 years of living on planet earth I have never felt so depressed watching/listening to the news!

The violence, the blood-thirstiness, the lack of conscience displayed by people is mind-boggling. So much so I just want to scream STOP THE VIOLENCE! Stop the violence ISIS, stop the violence Hamas and Israel, stop the violence Ferguson Police, stop the violence Boko Haram, stop the violence Al’shabaab and to anyone I missed … STOP THE VIOLENCE.

Who will you nominate for the #StopViolenceChallenge?



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15 comments on “The #StopViolenceChallenge Who Will You Nominate?

  1. I would like to start by nominating Boko Haram.
    Stop the violence!!!
    Violence never solves anything. Worse still, attacking the helpless and vulnerable will never endear you to anyone or legitimise your cause!!!
    If Western education is evil as you purport, then go create your own community, live in it as you want and leave the rest of us alone.
    And while you’re at it, BRING BACK OUR GIRLS!!!
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  2. I nominate the Nigerian government. Jonathan and his league of superheroes. I nominate them to find a solution to this. The ISIS, Ukraine, I nominate their governments too. #peace

    Inioluwa’s latest post is ‘Boko haram grins, as people of influence begin to play the blame game….’ @

  3. I’m nominating everyone you’ve already nominated and I’m adding all the aggressors of domestic violence be it spousal abuse by either sex or parental abuse and of course violence perpetuated to domestic help (housemaids). Stop The Violence!
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  4. I don’t know but it feels like mankind wants to go into extinction.
    Violence is on d high side.
    Good tales do not come in handy these days.
    I nominate an alien super_ordinary Being(God).

  5. I’ve often asked if we can aproximate the number of people that have died from violence this year and compare it with casualty figures of any ofthe world wars besides the holocaust figures. I shd reseach it

  6. No kidding! And let’s add Ebola to the list, violently killing thousands in such a short amount of time. It really is depressing to watch and listen to the news these days. So many lives lost and for what? Ignorance.

  7. Ben Ugbe on said:

    I nominate all those you listed,but would like to add:1.All those ritualistic murderers,and politicians engaged in shedding blood for power

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