O’s Success Tips: The Stacking Order

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Life is complicated when you think about it and oh so simple when you don’t. For the first time in a long time I came home early from work with absolutely nothing to do. I had checked my schedule three or four time to ensure this was no mistake, and it wasn’t. I was free to relax. I lay down on the floor listening to soothing jazz tones as I reflected on life. For the past 2 weeks I had been feeling different, more energetic, happier and more fulfilled. What was this feeling? What was wrong with me? I was confused.

Reading Richard Carlson’s sensational book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff About Money” a unique and interesting concept “Stacking Order,” was introduced. He defined it as the unique work combination that enables an individual perform at an optimal stress free level. At ones optimal stacking order, an individual would experience a sensational feeling of happiness, stemming from higher productivity with lesser effort.

It finally made sense to me now, in the past 2 weeks I had either dropped out or greatly reduced my responsibilities in a number of organizations. The inexplicable sensation I had been feeling was a result of operating at my preferred stacking order. This concept was further strengthened with a casual conversation I had with Mary a fellow co-worker. Mary recently visited her doctor for a routine check up and was informed that she had stress related health conditions. She was advised by her doctor to reduce her workload or potentially face a catastrophic break down. Similar to me, she opted to reduce her list of responsibilities, thus creating more time for herself. Mary now has an extra vibe about her, she executes projects at a greater efficiency and seems to be suffering from happiness, a key result of working at her optimal level.

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