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The date is January 19th 2010 and the democrats have just lost their super majority in the senate…I can’t help but observe how despite their minority rule the Republican message is unified but the Democrats despite their majority rule seem to have several different shades of messages within the same party???



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  1. @Deborah you are right, independents did push Brown over the top but that does not change the fact that he Republicans hae been more united than the democrats…there have been so-called factions within the democrtoc party and none have been so obvious as the blue dog democrats and he progressive liberals. I'm not saying that these differences haven't always existed but the Republicans have been way more effective at herding themselves together whether they be moderate republicans or far-right republicans or even the extrimists such as the tea-baggers. I was really surprised earlier on when Nelson(D) and others i.e. Lieberman could not be made to shut up and get with the program of healthcare reform despite their objections to certain parts of the bill. I hope now that the democrats have lost their super-majority, they grow a pair and finally realise they don't necessarily need 60 votes to pass legislation but they need to bring themselves to order. On a side note, only the Almighty would have saved Lieberman from me if I had been Senator Reid and he had betrayed the democratic agenda the way he did after he was pardoned bythe president and others followed suit.

  2. Sure, independents in Mass. are not happy with a myriad of things. But the Brown win had less to do with that and more to do with the sloppy, inept campaign Coakley and the dems ran. She was something like 30 points ahead as of November and figured it was in the bag. The loss should wak Dems up because they are a weak majority to the repubs strong minority.

  3. thing is that democrats are mostly united by name…they come in all shades of blue and even red….that is why we get to hear of labels for dems: conservative, moderate and liberal….As for republicans….when was the last time you heard of a liberal republican….an oxymoron in itself 🙂

  4. With all due respect, these comments reflect a complete misunderstanding of the conservative movement and the republican party. republicans have a spectrum of factions just as diverse as the democrats. While Coakly admitedly was a terrible candidate the exit polls in Mass. Make the clear point: people in the state ( and the n ation as a whole) dolnt like one party having all of the power and the current version of healthcare reform is a frankensteins monster of bad legislation…too expensive and everyone is still not covered

  5. @Scott: please Bush was able to support an unpopular war for 8 years because republicans as a party were organized. No one is saying there are no liberal republicans. But they work together. The only reason we don't have healthcare today is bcos democrats have failed to work with each other. Simply put republicans are an organized minority and the democrats are a disorganized majority. Plus Coakley was a God awful candidate who took campaigning for granted…

  6. Ofili…let's not rewrite history here. The wars, which president obama still supports and voted for, were not always unpopular and currently share popularity numbers roughly equal to healthcare. Let's be honest and admit that yesterdays results were a reflection of massachusetts frustration with this congress and admistration. Mass. has been in democratic leadeship for 40 years and voted for obama by 23 points…this cannot be laid at Coakleys feet alone. National policy matters.

  7. @Scott: we just have to agree to disagree. I personally believe that if Democrats had packaged and marketed Healthcare better they would have passed it in 2009. Coakley was a crap candidate. That is not to say that Obama INVISIBLE CHANGE did not have a factor but I doubt it was the big game changer.

  8. Making Healthcare affordable and available to all Americans (and taxpayers) is still an issue. The backroom deals, political posturing and politics as usual destroyed the bill put before Congress (not to mention bad press) Healthcare and healthcare insurance cost has gone up 6 times the rate of inflation over the last 20 years with no end in sight. We know the problem, how are we going to fix it.

  9. Its shocking to see how disorganized democrats are, knowing how much message control the current party leader (Obama) has. The reason why these democrats have courage to go off message and say stupid things is cos they are not scared of the leadership, unlike George Bush they know if they mess up Obama wll just give them a chairmanship! If you crossed George Bush/Cheney or Delay you were destroyed.

  10. Yemi the key was Cheney…not Bush nobody feared Bush. Rahm Emmanuel was put in that role of the scary bully but all he appears to be is a toothless lion. Obama/Bush always have to appear approachable while others fight their dirty wars.I say it again the Democrats are a bunch of disorganized peeps. I cannot forgive them for one second for letting Kennedy's seat go to a republican who can kill a dream that he spent his whole life fighting simply disgusting…

  11. Coakley was a bad candidate and Brown said the right things such as it was the People's seat not Kennedy's. At the end of the day though cap and trade, health care, bank bailouts, union favors, lack of transparency, back room deals and the feeling of arrogance by the democrats did work against Coakley. People don't want more taxes and more government, which is what they see in washington.If healthcare was so great they could have sat through a fillibuster and passed whatever they wanted. The bills were simply too complicated, did nothing to control costs and increased the deficit a huge amount along with pork.People voted the republicans out for a centrist government. The democrats assumed they came into power for a liberal agenda, which is not what the American people want (again a centrist government). The majority of Americans want transparency, accountability, responsibility, responsiveness and a smaller more efficient government. Get the deficit under control, reduce the debt and when we have surplus with 0 debt lets talk about expanding government.

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