My Perfect Confession

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20101003104138I have a confession to make … I am not perfect.

I make shitty mistakes almost everyday. From the words I say, to what I wear (sorry Express), to what I write, everything is riddled with mistakes. Okay not everything but you get my point, which is that I make mistakes.

So when you read this blog or any of my articles understand that it is coming from a man that is an expert at making mistakes.

I mean I try hard not to make mistakes, or not to be biased, but for the most part I end up screwing it all up!

That is why I need you to challenge my thinking, my philosophies, my ideas, my articles … everything.

Challenge it because I will not always be right, challenge it because it will make both of us better, challenge it because from debating each other we get wiser and brillianter [sic], challenge it because everyone needs to be challenged.

No matter if they have a blog with a few hundred subscribers or a few thousands or a church with a few million people. Challenge them!

Because when we don’t challenge people … no matter how spiritually ordained they seem and no matter how flawless they seem … then we allow them the false belief that they are perfect. And that false perfection is what leads to humans believing they are gods. gods who can turn petrol into pineapple juice, gods who can defy the laws of Engineering, gods who can withhold election results for no reason … So challenge, start challenging now!

Article dedicated to all those people who say “Ofili I love your site but I disagree with your thinking” thank you for disagreeing, it makes us all better!

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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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  1. Master Ofilli, good day.
    pls how can I get a copy of how laziness saved my life.
    I reside in Ibadan & I really wanna get the book. I read its preview on ur app(okada books).

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