The #Nigeria Na You Do Am Criminal Investigation Strategy

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na me kill am instaThe Nigeria SSS has caught and apprehended one of the Nyanya bomb blast masterminds….Aminu Ogwuche. The whole of Nigeria is jubilating, people are popping champagne or tearing pure water satchets, our security forces are being given dabs on the back, their pictures splashed across newspapers as they bring in the Nyanya mastermind.

But the problem is this…nobody really knows why he is a suspect. No CCTV footage, no forensic evidence, nothing …. but yet roughly 4 weeks after the May 2nd deadly Nyanya bomb blasts, the SSS had already paraded 5 suspects to the press. Their pictures were splashed across blogs, newspapers and international media across the globe amidst the tag “GEJ is tackling boko haram.”

But for a government that has time and again bungled the handling of boko haram on much simpler issues … like the time they said the girls had been rescued only to find out that they were not …  their ease and efficiency in this Nyanya case just does not add up. No details were provided by SSS as to what led them to these suspects, just confessions of the alleged accusing the alleged of allegedly bombing.

I call it our Na You Do Am Criminal Investigation Strategy where the police, SSS or the powers-that-be search for confessions instead of actually investigating. Where people run to the crowd and say na you do am until they force get a confession from someone. And once they do,  we the Nigerian people all go crazy with excitement.

No proof, no court hearing, no research by the journalists … just a cut and paste job for clicks.

But the SSS are not the only people capturing boko haram members Na You Do Am Criminal Investigation Strategy style. We have churches that are catching them now with Nationally televised confessions!

At the end of the day I do pray I am wrong. I do pray that these are really the suspects. I do pray that they lead us to Shekau so that we can send his ass to hell quicker. I do pray all these things.

But deep down in me, knowing the type of shady government we have, the one that shelled out several millions of dollars to build their image and supported by a cut-paste-and-ask-no-question journalism. A part of me calls bull on this. To me it seems like a publicity strategy.

Because once the camera flashes go numb … all we will hear is silence, no court proceeding, nothing …. Just silence. Just like the $20 billion case and like the Farouk Lawani court cases we will hear nothing and before you know 6 of the 6 victims will accidentally die in prison or go missing … cough cough.

That’s why I stay doubtful until I see the court hearings. Because it all does not add up. Its like SSS are going on orders to find people and they just go out and yell … na you do am!

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19 comments on “The #Nigeria Na You Do Am Criminal Investigation Strategy

  1. Millicent on said:

    Now you sure got me thinking. Yeah! It’s just like some Nollywood films that assumes the viewers aren’t intelligent, as if they’re imagining dumb viewers. Such is the case here when Journalists aka watchdog of the society only makes it worse with their manner of news reporting. thank God for peeps like you #thumbsup #goodjob

  2. Ofili, God bless you for writing this piece. I thought exactly the same thing when I heard they arrested Ogwuche. How is he linked to the crime? What evidence implicates him? etc. Too many innocent people have died because of this “na u do am” strategy. I wish Nigerians will ask more questions and demand answers in situations like this. I hope thing change for the better in the country.

    Thumbs up!
    Monale Alemika latest post is Reasons Why You Should Tell a Guy You Like HimMy Profile

  3. Ofili, I swear you get sense pass the president! But please don’t try to contest, e be like say that position dey dull some people brain especially for naija.
    Victor latest post is Hello world!My Profile

  4. Anunobiba on said:

    Are you saying Interpol and d Sudan acted without any evidence? Then d whole world is stupid not only Nigeria.

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Based on what you have seen, what evidence do you have linking him aside from confessions? Just asking sha. Also when is the court case? As I said I hope I am wrong.

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      We need to ask the hard questions and probe them. But right now everybody is too busy celebrating to be bothered.

  5. Mfon on said:

    How did they arrest the first suspect. Dont you think they could have been tracked through gsm Network?

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      No idea. Like I said I would like to know the details. I just don’t trust a government that has lied in the past. That’s just me.

  6. Deeman on said:

    you know i said the same thing immediately i they mentioned Ogwuche. I know this guy”s family and i can bet u Sadiq is a stooge. Infact his siblings think d guy is retarded. Then anoda question, Where was Sadiq wen d bomb went off in Nyanya? Im sure he was already in Sudan. Okay maybe he masterminded the bomb blast through phone calls from Sudan.
    Anyway, lets wait and see how they convict the “NA you do am” suspect.

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Yeah Deeman. Like you said let’s wait and see what happens. I just hope they don’t have innocent people imprisoned.

  7. We need to ask a lot of questions about these suspects the police parades around. I can bet that they may just be innocent victims they just picked walking on the road aimlessly or at a beer parlor.
    Is it not the same police force that will arrest someone who went to first report an incident at the police station? the reporter now becomes a prime suspect.
    The Nigerian Police Force has a long way to go. latest post is Why can’t I just have a low-key wedding?My Profile

  8. Like you said, this is all BULL. The Government hoards so much information and doesn’t let the people in on things they need to know. How did they find the suspects anyway? What was the process of investigation? You know what, I don’t need to repeat your entire post again…but I am highly dissatisfied.
    Nonso latest post is What is Talent anyway?My Profile

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