The Mosquito Theory Of Life

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The mosquito theory of life states that if you kill a mosquito or a group of mosquitoes without first eliminating the stagnant water, then you will likely die of Malaria.

Basically, if you continue hacking at problem without attacking the root/source of the problem, then you will find yourself in a futile and endless cycle of hacking until the problem consumes you.

Unfortunately that is what happens in society today …

Too many people are hacking away at problems, too busy killing the mosquitoes that they forget to actually throw away the stagnant water … the source of the Mosquitoes.

In our society we call it hard-work and so many people are busy doing this “hard-work” that they are killing mosquitoes everyday.

The Manager is killing mosquitoes, the secretary is killing them also, the intern has also been recruited in the fight … everyone is busy killing the mosquitoes. In fact your pay in the company is based on how many mosquitoes you kill and how fast you kill them. But your efforts are as pointless as this …


And then one day a new employee is recruited to help in the Mosquito fight. He sees everyone in the office battling the mosquitoes. But he doesn’t join them, he is called lazy, anti-cultural, combative … but he ignores it all, instead he hunts for the stagnant water. He searches for the source of the problem, until he finds it and throws it away and soon the office Mosquitoes are eliminated. My question now is this …

What are you doing at work today? Are you killing mosquitoes or eliminating the stagnant water? Remember …

“The man who kills mosquitoes without throwing out the stagnant water will soon die of Malaria”


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11 comments on “The Mosquito Theory Of Life

  1. Hi! I must admit that I am killing mosquitoes but from now on, I shall have zero tolerance for stagnant water.
    Ofili, your latest book is not on Konga. How do I get one to buy? I am presently in Benin. Do I get a black Friday discount? Hehehehehe…….

  2. Well said Ofili. Oraganisations retain mosquito killers but promote the stagnant water killers. One can’t continue to do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different result.

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