If You Want Comments On Your Blog Comment On Other Blogs

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The first time someone left a comment on my blog I ran around with excitement, the first time someone bought my book I could barely control myself and the first time someone left a testimonial about said book on Amazon (without me having to stalk them) I literarily died! For each of those acts I was excited. They encouraged me to continue evolving as a writer and a blogger. So whenever I go to a book signing event I try to do the same by buying as many books as I can. When I go on a blog site I strive to leave a comment because I know what it means to the blogger…and even when I am accosted in the parking lot by a random stranger to buy their latest mix-tape compilation, I purchase it (if I have the money). I feel I owe it to them because when I was in their position someone else did the same for me. Funny enough it is this cycle of giving and receiving that has allowed me grow in my personal business.

The sad thing however, is that many people are only interested in the part of the cycle that benefits them financially. They focus on it like a hawk. But from my experience the more you look to give the more you receive. Through commenting on other peoples blogs I have found ways to make my blog better. Through buying other people books I have learnt additional ways of marketing my books. All in all, by patronizing others I have fortuitously learnt ways to get others to patronize me.

So if you want people to read your blog, then read other peoples blogs
If you want people to comment on your blog, comment on other peoples blog
If you want people to attend your events, attend other peoples events
If you want people to buy your products, buy other peoples products
Because, whatever you want for yourself you have to be willing to give it to others
Its the magical cycle of life.

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23 comments on “If You Want Comments On Your Blog Comment On Other Blogs

  1. You have inspired me way beyond what i deemed possible. I have been stuck in a writers block and gotten so used to it for a number of years…. i have tried to get out of this and unfortunately crawled back into it after fruitless attempts……. after turning your website into my playground, laughing out loud at your write ups, i have been able to identify with your views and perception of the various experiences that you have been through or dreamt of. I am inspried, propelled and anxious to get my pen on paper…. thank you Ofili!!!! 

  2. Akwugo Anyaegbunam on said:

    I agree. The giving cycle works wonders. It’s amazing how many more opportunities become available to you when you wake up looking to give rather than receive. It works wonders for your psyche too!!


  3. I totally agree with you. It’s most def a give and you get back thing. I love your posts on Bella Naija. You always crack me up and I can identify with some of the things you write about. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Following you right away. 😉


  4. Hi Ofili. Funny I was about to mail you personally for some tips on getting my blog to be read by people and I stumbled on this article :-). I subscribed to your blog because I like your our of the top titles and blog content. My blog is over 3 years old and we get comments in trickes and I have just being able to get Linda Ikeji to add it to her blog roll which is undergoing a restructure. When leaving a comment, is it best to use true details?

    P.S- blog is http://www.dvsoul.org.uk

  5. Again, stellar writing. I could go on and on about this post, but you know how good you are. Only problem now is how to beat yourself at being good *winks*

  6. Samuel Adu on said:

    Just like if u want to b blessed be a blessing. Rightly said, if u want comments on ur blog, comment on other peoples blog.
    Sam, Adu.

  7. Esther on said:

    After reading several of your articles without leaving a comment, I think this is good motivation to speak up.

    The importance of being considerate of others while pursuing self actualization seems to be the basis of a lot of your articles. I really like how u always have encouraging words for fellow writers, I think this is a mark of humility. More power to your elbow.

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