The Legendary Shit: The Old Me Versus The New Me #ATrueStory

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Legendary school sends me a message asking me to be a speaker at their equally legendary event.

The old me would have done back flips, danced Azonto and run around the office screaming “praise Jesus!” But the new more experienced me who has been burnt too many times … asked a simple question … “would you cover my expenses?”

The response from the Legendary school who wanted me to speak at their Legendary event was NO. “We don’t pay any expenses.”

The old me would have rationalized this excuse, thought about the people I would meet at this event or the possibility to combine the trip with my vacation so it’s not like I am really spending money!

But the new me, understood that my speaking and my time came at a price … remember you don’t need a Law Degree to charge a fee. And that if an organization was not willing to pay there is not point in me going.

But the new me is not stupid, the new me understands the need to seek clarification. So the new me sent a response message that read as follows …

“So is Legendary school saying they will not provide transportation, accommodation or even food? As in no expenses will be covered or paid for at this Legendary event that you want me to speak at?”

Legendary school responded “Yes sir, we don’t cover any expenses, but at our Legendary event you get to speak to 1500 people at a time!”DF14The old me would have been salivating … I mean the thought of speaking to 1500 people … what a privilege. But the new me was not interested, I had heard this pitch 1,500 times before …

Write for free and don’t worry you will reach 1500 people, draw this picture for free and don’t worry 1500 people will see it in the Magazine, Speak at this event in another country for free we won’t pay for your ticket but don’t worry 1500 will hear you speak. Sorry … but the new me is past that.

So the new me politely declined the Legendary offer … but the new me being more experienced knew not to burn bridges. So the new me offered instead to SKYPE into the event. THE END.

PS: No response on the skype offer yet.


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15 comments on “The Legendary Shit: The Old Me Versus The New Me #ATrueStory

  1. Funny thing is this just happened to me few hours ago. Someone sent me a message to come and perform spoken word for free. They really wanted me because of the quality they would get. Due to past relationship, I even reduced my fees, and tagged it as honorarium. After much hesitation, I just offered to send them another artist I could convince to take the gift they were offering. Excellence comes at a cost, and people have to pay for it.
    @ilola latest post is I won’t tell you…My Profile

  2. Igbegocho on said:

    Imagine going all over the world reaching a large audience, then not be able to take care of yourself. Common sense is obviously not so common.

  3. But d foolish legendary school will pay a Olamide (don’t get twisted I love Olamide like crazy) perform ladi @ d event but do not want to pay to hear the message of d day
    Oga ofili pls don’t event skyp for free but d legendary school don’t deserve it

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