The Legend Of The Stupid Teacher

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teacher-meanThe Legend of the Stupid teacher! You know that teacher…

The teacher whose class is hard as fork! That teacher who people can barely pass his class … I mean the failure rate is higher than a chicken trying to fly while simultaneously laying an egg…impossible.

But you know that teacher.

The Legend that no one understands because he is sounds so “intelligent”, like a mash up between Patrick Obahiagbon and sheer stupidity. That 50 shades of grey teacher that takes pleasure in seeing his students suffer again and again.

Everywhere he goes people whisper his name in excitement and awe. He struts around campus with his ass in the air and chest held high. Who can blame him though … he has been lied to his entire life. Told that he is the shit, that he is brilliant so he walks with an arrogance that hides the truth … the truth that he is an abject failure! A sad excuse for a teacher! An incompetent teacher!

But Nigeria, instead of exposing his stupidity we turn him into a Legend, with silly praises like “man that teacher is so brilliant nobody understands him” or “Men nobody can pass that class it’s just too tough, that Professor is good.”

But if we could pause for a moment and see the stupidity in our statements, then we can finally finally see the stupidity teaching us daily.

PS: Article dedicated to my Junior Secondary Mathematics Teacher … Mr. Adeagbo who believed that no matter who you were or what you knew that you could excel in Mathematics and he spent his time explaining and explaining till we all … every single one of us got it. Thanks for giving me a chance and making me what I am today … you are the real forking legend!

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13 comments on “The Legend Of The Stupid Teacher

  1. They plenty for OAU. You are told that A is for God, B for the lecturer and C for you. They’ll mark you down. In my department no first class for years, in our part one they told us not to bother with that as we can’t get it, few will get second class upper and that’s how it happened. They reduced final project from 6 points to 3 points do that it won’t boost your Gp and no one ever gets A in it, highest na B

  2. toyin on said:

    Ofili I gat it hon. Patrick abi (or so I think I think) well what more can I say other than ” man dat man speaks so well dat nobody can understand him”

    I’m out……….

  3. Pissed-off fellow on said:

    Lols… Sadly this article won’t even make it to the university’s departmental notice board, lecture theatre & classroom.
    Yet, we chanting change, when stupid people who have failed in their lives are disguise as teachers, venting their anger on students by failing them so as to derive an amusement for their boring lives are not changed.
    Blocks of confused errectus (not H. sapiens) walking like ducks with no passion for teaching…passing knowledge & leaving a legacy.
    ~=-) ~=-) ~=-) ~=-) ~=-)
    Can’t wait to start my MSc & finish then get into this school system & flush out this #&! *#

  4. Chike on said:

    Interesting read.. A good satire.. surprised no one has drawn the parallel with our current president!

  5. Our educational system needs a turnaround. When I started my masters in the USA this year, I was awed by the way the professors wanted us to get good grades and grasp the whole gist of their program. I see that joy on their faces when we have impressive presentations. They even send mails to us asking us to come if we have problems. A prof even stands by the door after his class to thank us for coming and asks if we need further explanations.
    To all the Nigerian teachers who think having an A or B in their course is like making the camel to swim in the ocean, You all have a long way to go. latest post is If we were teenagers againMy Profile

  6. Anonymous on said:

    This reminds me of Prof. Rahaman, Geology OAU. what did we even fear more? His courses or his presence itself?

    Or no, maybe it was the fact that even after spending a minimum of 5 hours at a stretch in each of his classes, no one could confidently say he understood whatever was taught. Everyone would just hushly murmur how awesome and brilliant he seemed to be and how he held a record for being the youngest professor ever…. and when every of his results came out, yes every, listening to him say how no one got above 30% but out of the kindness of his heart he upgraded one-tenth of the class to a 40E (40%) score just so those very highly favoured students could proceed to the next stage, since all his courses were pre-requisites for others ahead.

    • Aha geo boys. E pele. I have lots of friends there. Serious department just like Pharmacy. I pray for my friends in both departments.

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