The Greatest Lie: You Cannot Put A Square Peg In A Round Hole

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Right from kindergarten we are taught the principle of form and volume by fitting various shaped pegs into a bucket. The only way to get the pegs into the bucket is to match the pegs with the shapes on the bucket cover. If you want to put a square peg into the bucket, it has to go through a square hole and if you want to put a round peg in a bucket it has to go through a round hole.

We are then taught a key statement later on in life and that is that “you can’t put a square peg in a round hole.” On the surface the statement makes complete and logical sense, especially when contrasted with our past kindergarten bucket experience. But the statement is extremely flawed and it highlights one of the key dilemma’s with life…because you can indeed put a square peg in a round hole…all you have to do is make the hole bigger or the square smaller.

Explaining this concept at a kindergarten level is tough and at best confusing to the kids as their minds are still tender. However, as we grow up, the square peg philosophy can and should evolve to a point where we can make the shapes bigger or smaller to fit into our minds mental bucket…but it does not…it remains the same. And we keep quoting the statement on and on without questioning its logic failing to realize that the very same logic we were fed in kindergarten or college is not necessarily applicable now. And not really because it is flawed but because our minds have evolved. Evolve your mind today.

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7 comments on “The Greatest Lie: You Cannot Put A Square Peg In A Round Hole

  1. Love this

    Another way to get the square peg in a round hole is to get a peg made of ‘squashable’ material i.e. jelly or foam. LOL

    Experience has taught me that you can put a square peg in a round hole because every problem has a solution

    One has to stop and think objectively

  2. ELIZABETH on said:

    i also belong to the school of thot that square pegs can be put into round holes only it will take as much time and caution u’ll need to find the same round pegs to fit into round holes; so nothing is insurmountable really…. i thot i was d only one with this mind set. lol! cheers!

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