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When you sit on at a computer, the very first website you instinctively log on to determines your internet productivity…

For instance, if your first instinct is to get on social media sites like facebook or twitter, chances are that you will spend majority of your time going through pictures of friends and shifting through tons of comments. If on the other hand your first instinct is to get on entertainment blogs like or, chances are that you will spend most of your online time trawling around the internet for the latest gossip and gist.

This is because the internet is like an endless spiral, you never quite know how you move from one website to the other but what you do know is that you are browsing. You seem in control, but you really are not. The websites controls you subconsciously…that’s why when you decide to visit facebook for 5 minutes, you find yourself stuck on there for hours on end with several other sites opened…and then forgetting the reason why you logged on in the first place! That’s the internet for you. 

If you want to be productive, you have to log on to sites that will encourage your productivity early on.

So if your goal is to write an article for your blog, then the very first site you open up should be your blog site. This sets the precedence for your browsing session. What you begin to find is that the subsequent websites you visit will revolve around your blog.

I don’t quite know how it works. I just know that when I open up as my first website…I subconsciously begin relating everything else I see on other sites to my blog. It is either I am copying their website style or getting article ideas for my blog. Whatever the case, my browsing history/pattern is greatly influenced by that first site.

So the next time you sit at computer, be conscious of the first site. And remember the very first website might not even be a website…it could just be Microsoft word or your journal.

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12 comments on “The First Website

  1. Oh Yess! So true. I usually have a reason to log online. So, I write out my points and what I have to resolve online, mails to reply, contacts to mail, tweet in my daily diary! And after that, If I don’t have anything else to do with my spare time I then go to others. Its like saying your first impression matters. So, here its your first site, determines all other things. Nice write up and Thanks for waking my/our consciousness to this. Goodwork Boss!

  2. Never joined FB, still get stick for that! My Google Reader app comes in very handy for all my favs in one spot. Happy Independence in advance! Dodge the Naija critics & whiners for your own good(vampires) 😉

  3. Nwobu Ursula on said:

    All I have to say is ………HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….have a juicy,sugary,flavoury day….God richly bless n enlarge your territory….*wink*………oh how old are you now???

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. I can relate it with days. That I’m meant to just check my mails but I’d end up on facebook, pinterest and blog stalking and by the time I look at the time. The day is gone. Nice post always.

  5. Samuel Adu on said:

    Kai! Ds article is just directly talkin to me. I’m a big victim of this. Iis high time to change. Thanks for ds post Mr Ofili.

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