The Federal Republic Of Strategic Excuses #SameShitDifferentToilet

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1Buhari is silent on the APC Senate leadership daily squabbles, but people would say he is strategically silent so as to avoid interfering with party politics.

Buhari the anti-corruption soldier is late releasing his assets to the public, but people would say again that he is just being strategic with his hiding timing.

Buhari has not picked his cabinet and rumors are that it won’t happen till September! But again people will say that he is strategically delaying this announcement so that he can clean up things first. But is the cabinet not meant to help with the clean up?

Buhari is silent on the recent and constant Boko Haram killings, but yet again people will say he is strategically garnering outside support to spring a surprise attack on Boko Haram which is thus strategically stopping him from addressing Nigerians!

So much BS …. but in Nigeria it is called strategic!

Strategy, that excuse we use to strategically get the leaders we LOVE out of trouble!

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4 comments on “The Federal Republic Of Strategic Excuses #SameShitDifferentToilet

  1. Ofili, every time I read your post about the current dispensation, it is my understanding that you don’t want people to become comfortable.

    For me, I am still in watch mode. I want to get a better sense of what is happening before making comments. Your observation are legit. On the one hand, I want to ask you to be patient, on the other hand, you are not too far off base.

    I am hoping GMB does not become another baba go-slow. #StillInWatchMode
    Monale A. (The Versatile Nigerian) latest post is #BeingFemaleInNigeria According to TwitterMy Profile

  2. I’d stick with the versatile Nigerian for now.
    I just wanna hope that Okechukwu Buhari (I had no idea he had igbo roots until the last elections but…….let’s move on) has something up his sleeves.
    Some Nigerians might go with the “strategic excuses” for now just in the bid to hold unto hope for just a lil while longer.
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  3. Chima on said:

    While I agree one month is to small to rate the Buhari govt. I must confess that its reaction to critical national issues are troubling. He is really entering the much acclaimed ‘go slow mode’. The sad part is that his die hard fans can not just stop to think. Nigeria is not about party or ethnic divisons, we must all participate actievly in holding this government accountable. Great observation @ofili, I can always count on your zero bullshit mindset!

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