The Evolution Of Mom

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So my Mom calls me up last week, but this time our conversation is different! We can’t go 1 minute without the words MARRIAGE popping up from time to time. How time flies…only several years ago she was telling me how dangerous girls were…now I can’t go one week without hearing about how fantastic a girl is for my life…smh…



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31 comments on “The Evolution Of Mom

  1. LOL at all the comments, the cartoon is right on point, I think it's in their DNA, recently my mother has stopped ;o! As for the Ofili brothers, mothers know their children or at least Nigerian mothers try to see the one the can convert the easiest… first! Don't worry Ike she hasn't forgot about you.

  2. Trust me…there's more to mom's motivation than meets the eye! Once u are married, she can let your wife do all the worrying and fretting about u! Mother's really do "know best"! LOL! (Love the cartoon)!

  3. My mum too. When I was 21 or 22, she kept talking about "You need to find a husband, not only from Kogi State, but he has to be Ebira too." As time went on, she changed her tune. She then said, "You need to find a husband. He MUST be Nigerian!" Now that I'm 28, she says, "YOU NEED TO FIND A HUSBAND. NOW. I DON"T CARE WHERE HE'S FROM!!!" I can't get through a phone conversation without the topic of marriage coming up!!!!

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  5. LOL!!! It's the same thing for girls. Exept all our lives we were told not to date and not to have sex, until we hit about 23, then we were told to marry, and then we got married, and they decided to teach us what kind of sex will get us pregnant. *My mom never did the sex positions talk o with me sha*. It's how life works. Your future wife will do it to your future son and daughter.

  6. LOL! Na so we see am oh! We suffer the same things, too. They start by saying, "Don't sit next to a boy ooo! If not, you'll get pregnant." Next thing I know, "All your friends are getting married. When are you getting married?"

  7. This is funny! Actually I've never had this problem with my mom and I'm the oldest…I'm sure she'd be happy to get the grandkids but marriage isnt like picking a robber from a line-up so when it happens it happens. This is another good one O.Ofili!

  8. lmao. Funny enough, i get asked that by everyone else but my parents. But u don deh old sha. The time has come for you to bring forth a new generation of "speak"ers.

  9. Lol!!!! You're mum doesn't play. I guess you can blame my bro's wedding for this. But you're not the only one experiencing this. I think they are experiencing a new phase in their lives (Grandparent -itis) and are wondering why you are not on board. :)Now as for Ike….. ;P

  10. it doesn't stop there. After marriage, mommy now wants children pronto. U give them one and they are happy for 6 months then they start campaigning for the next one.

  11. Anonymous on said:

    Hahahahahahahhaha! This is so true! Some years back my mum was always preaching about how guys will almost just look @ you, and then you get preggers, then I finished from the ‘versity, and she began to plead with me to go out and mingle and bring a guy home!!! Now that I am married, she is using coded words to reminding me to hurry up and get babies on board!!!!

    This life!

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