The Election Of Fear: A Bi-Partisan Appeal For Calm

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hunger gamesAfter the Nigerian elections was postponed by 6 weeks, it was reported that the Nigerian Stock Exchange lost over 400 billion Naira! And yes that is “B” for billion. A bunch of money lost largely due to fear…and the fear was real…

The Monday after the announcement was made I heard a caller on the radio who was very upset…actually “angry” would be a better word.

Turns out he was angry because he had just spent a good sum of money moving his entire family to Ghana to make sure they were not in Nigeria for the dangerous election. So you could imagine his cumulative anger when he realized on February 7th that he would not only have to move his family back to Nigeria for 6 weeks, but fork out another good sum of money to send them to Ghana again on the 28th of March!

Sadly, Ghana is not even far enough for some Nigerians … that’s how scared people are of this elections.

The country is basically on a knife-edge, any false move, wrong declaration can cut a scar deep into the soul of our country. But yet people have been largely irresponsible with the news. People broadcast and spread all sorts of stories from rumors of Military Coups to MEND retaliations to Gbagbo style election movements putting our country in an even more precarious situation.

And as the rumors fly, the tension and fear builds up in our nation and one day it could explode into violence and it won’t be just 400 billion Naira lost but actual lives lost! So let us all be responsible with the news we spread, this is an election not the Hunger Games…in the words of the mocking jay…

“It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart”

And it will take ten times as long to put Nigeria together if we ever fall apart…let’s campaign with love and the understanding that we all want a better undivided Nigeria.

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7 comments on “The Election Of Fear: A Bi-Partisan Appeal For Calm

  1. It gets scary by the day and the media is not helping matter. That’s how the Tutsi/ Hutu Rwandan Homicide started. People saying things they don’t know and escalating an already bad situation

  2. I didnt know about the loss of money at the Stock Exchange. I know that from an economic standpoint the election postponement was disastrous. In my industry, a lot of businesses are not willing to make large investment decisions until after the election because of the ridiculous uncertainty surrounding who will win. The media has been a bit awful, it has been a season of rumours.
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