The Day NEPA Kidnapped My Electricity

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Calling all Electrical Engineers with NEPA degrees (requirement)

So I bought N30,000 worth of electricity which is about 1320 KWh of power.

But in less than 3 days, the power went out! As in the entire 1,320 KWh of electricity that I bought from NEPA had finished.
This had to be some sort of mistake, some sort of scam, maybe the people from my village were stealing my light. But I am not a superstitious somebody.

So I pulled out my old text-books instead and started reading up on electrical power while simultaneously also measuring the consumption of the individual appliances and devices in the house.

The breakdown was as follows:

1. LED Lights + Small Fridge: 0.5 KW (almost always on)
2. High Energy Lights: 1.0 KW (rarely on)
3. 1 Window Unit AC: 2.0 KW (on at night)
4. 1 Modern 2hp AC: 1.5 KW (on sometimes during the day)
5. 1 Water Pump: 2.0 KW (on for like 30 minutes every 2 days)

Total KW used up by all the above appliances if run at the same time is 7.0 KW, let’s add a BS factor of 30% for electrical resistance and appliance in-efficiency, that will be 10.0KW total consumption.

Since there are 72 hours in 3 days (although Lagos stress makes it feel longer), and assuming that I ran all the appliances above for 72 hours straight, without turning them off and without ever leaving the house …

That is my lights were on morning noon and night. And that both ACs were also on all day and the water pump kept pumping water non-stop, and that NEPA did not take light for 3 days (please don’t laugh, its an assumption, work with me).
That means, in those 3 days, in the unlikely case of the above, I would have consumed:

10KW * 72 hours = 720 KWh of energy

This would mean that I would still have

1320 KWh – 720 KWh = 600 KWh left over!

So please my electrical engineers with NEPA degrees, tell me, where did my 1320 KWh of electricity go to?

a. People from my village stole it.
b. NEPA has scammed me
c. Electrical Inefficiency
d. Bola Tinubu
e. That’s what happens when you don’t pay your tithe
f. All of the above

I called the NEPA people, and gave them my token number and they verified that I had indeed loaded N30,000 worth of electricity and since it is a pre-paid meter, there is no backlog or old debt that could have taken the money.

So what happened then? Their “claim” is that my inverter is the cause of it.


I have dusted all my textbooks, checked Wikipedia, and even old Encyclopedia and checked Youtube, but I still cannot figure out how my inverter consumed 1320KWh of energy in 3 days.
Maybe my inverter has an electrical drinking problem!

As an experimental control, I have loaded N5,000 worth of electricity which is about 220 KWh of energy and it has lasted for over a week with my inverter connected and all appliances connected, and still enough KWh left to spare.

So what happened?

If anyone has any idea what happened to my meter, or if you know someone in NEPA that can return my money or electricity, please let me know.

Because at this rate, I cannot trust NEPA.

It looks like this is a wide-spread scam of prolific proportions!

NEPA bring back my Electricity! #BBME



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