The Day I Quit My Job

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Today was my last day in the Corporate World and my first day as a full time Entrepreneur.

I am nervous, but it’s that type of nervousness I feel when I am about to deliver a big speech I know I have prepared for.

I am excited about what the future holds, I am excited about doing more work in the community, I am excited about writing more books, I am excited about @okadabooks and our mission to disrupt publishing in Nigeria, excited about speaking at Schools (Education is my passion)

I am excited.

It took me 12 years, 2 months, 20 days to finally gather the courage to resign. Lots of fear held me back and doubt crept in. What if I fall sick, what if I fail and people laugh at me?
Those questions kept circulating in my head.

And when I turned in my resignation 1 month ago I kept thinking I had made a big mistake. But then this week, I felt so much happiness, so much lightness, so much excitement about a future that I get to define… For the first time I was sure about my decision. I am my own boss now. Watch this space because Ofili is finally going to Speak!



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7 comments on “The Day I Quit My Job

  1. Just recently, I read an article you probably wrote on how to be successful keeping a 9-to-5 job plus being an enterprenuer.

    I drew courage from that article to continue working in the corporate circle while managing my other enterprises.

    Today, I am confused!

  2. Mojola Aturamu on said:

    This is very relatable Ofili. I had written my resignation letter a week before dropping it ,friends opposed it and the fear of what the future holds was hanging in the air,but i knew i wanted to move. I was so surprised that my melancholic nature didn’t come to play in this situation.
    The peace i felt was alarming,so I prayed and asked for directions.
    Trust me,after punching the ‘Send’ button on the resignation mail post to my bosses, it dawned on me and I knew it was no mistake.
    Finally,i have the freedom to build my brand.I’m hopeful about the future and i trust God.

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