The Best Religion In The World Is

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So I am at a catholic wedding service, when the Pastor starts preaching to the wedding couple and congregation about unity and togetherness. He talks about how even within tribes there is disunity and separation. In particular he focuses on the Igbo tribe which have divisions within themselves, from Delta Igbo to Imo Igbo to other Igbo’s in the nation. He encourages the couple and everyone in attendance to be blind to these divisions and instead see each other as one people. In my head this was the best wedding sermon I had heard in my life…I know it because I was wide awake throughout!

Then it was time for the communion…for the record I am Anglican (still waiting on my official Anglican national ID) and have taken and passed all my pre-communion tests, not to mention that I have taken communion Internationally including Canada and America. So I was bracing myself for the sweet taste of bread and wine, when the pastor…the same pastor that had just preached about unity and togetherness…the same pastor that had talked about the trivialities of divisions…the same pastor that had kept me awake with such a powerful session…Informed the congregation that the communion was only for Catholics!

Somehow I wished he would say praise offering was only for Catholics but that is for another topic. What I did learn that day was that Religion is even more divided than ethnicity and that one of the easiest things to do in life is give advice, while one of the hardest things to do is to follow advice…especially your own advice.


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24 comments on “The Best Religion In The World Is

  1. Reallaw on said:

    I would come to the priest’s defence, without rules & boundaries there would be chaos! Cool cartoon, but some might find it irreverent and the kind of stunt Madonna would pull. Just saying 🙂

  2. Oppy on said:

    Lool! D best religions in my opinion r KINDNESS, LOVE and TOLERANCE. I personally think Christianity n Islam av bin tainted, so dese days I jst read d teachings of the Dalai lama, I love hs teachings…

  3. First of all, the preacher is called a Priest/Revd. Father… Albeit the truth that there’s so much ‘religious’ division and sectarian prejudice in the world today, one must understand the origin of these things.

    These differences came about because of the selfish and self-indulgent tendencies of the pioneers. Until we return to the original blueprint of God, where Jesus died for ALL and not just one type of people, there’ll continue to be confusion, prejudice, and all kinds of wrong theologies that’ll lead more people away from God….

    Oppy, I would suggest though that you pick up/read a Bible and pray for the Holy Spirit to lead your thoughts and guide your actions.. Jesus Is THE ONLY WAY. The Dalai Lama while very personable and wise is only a mere mortal… God bless you! Ofili, Rock On!

  4. ronnie on said:

    Like your articles, much as agree that religion has bEen abused I still believe you still ve some rules. I think the priest was only making sure the communion is taken with meaning and understanding.

  5. Kingsley on said:

    Spot on Ofili. I too have attended Catholic masses and am flabbergasted when I hear this drivel. There is a reason why Gandhi said “I like your Christ, but I don’t like you Christians” We have used artificial man made rules in the name of religion to make a mockery of Christianity to be honest. There is nowhere in the Bible that says that communion should be for people of a particular denomination. The only stipulation for communion is that people should ensure that they have “examined themselves” and ensure they are not in sin, so as not to defile the sacraments and “eat and drink damnation”. Nothing about denomination there. Paul in Galatians said “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

  6. Sammitch on said:

    Communion isn’t just for Catholics. Communion is reserved for Catholics in Communion with the church. I go to Mass but don’t take communion because of choices I’ve made that have not been resolved or I could say absolved. I respect the wishes of the priest when I visit a Catholic church just like I would respect the wishes of the owner of a home I visited. A guest as you were in this case should respect the customs and wishes of the host.
    Look at the bright side, there wasn’t an alter call where someone was trying to guilt you in to converting to their way of believing.
    Miss you man, come visit out Toastmasters group next time you get back to Houston.

  7. Efee on said:

    “Don’t get into it pls”…lol @ the last commentator…
    Well, well….Nigeria and its religion.
    Your sketch says it all Ofili… Religion has been warped into what it is not supposed to be where its all about scoring Holy Points, doing “righteous things” including looking down on those who don’t meet up etc. Let’s not forget however that this has been happening waaay back. The bible gives us so many examples of the Pharisees and the blatant arrogance of their righteouness.
    Jesus Christ busted all of that and used his life to teach us what it should be about….Impartial and unconditional LOVE expressed with a heart that is devoid of evil motives (pride, greed, jealousy and the whole lot). For some reason most of have simply refused to be ‘burdened’ with that godly mandate.
    If we truly do operate in that realm, I doubt that we’d see a lot of the theatrics, hypocrisy (and violence) that has come to be strongly associated with religion today.
    Nuff said tho…Love the piece!

  8. I have to disagree with you on this one Ofili. I have attended weddings in different denominations , i have even attended Muslim ones too. The key point here is the word GUEST. thats who you were at that wedding. Just be happy and pray along for and with the church for the couple. I think it only makes sense that you should receive only what you understand and are in agreement with.I am catholic too and that announcement is for us too.You cant receive holy communion when you know you are not in a state of grace. I am sure there are also conditions for receiving communion in the Anglican church too. The announcement is repeated at every mass so that people do not make mistakes unknowingly. Good thing you didn’t receive. That was the right thing to do. Thanks and God bless.

  9. Ayomipo on said:

    Wow!!! What an amazing story! It is such a shame that these things still happen, especially amongst Christians because I don’t think Muslims treat themselves the way we do. Sad… so much for preaching togetherness (rolling my eyes!)

  10. ayodeji on said:

    I await a world without rules- No, not lawless……….. A world where people act right without being told, a conscience-led people, it is only in our hypocrisy that division arise and peace got ruined

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