The Anticipation of Pain

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“The Anticipation of pain is more painful than the pain itself.”

– Okechukwu Ofili

The anticipation of being given an injection always ends up being more painful than the actual injection itself. And most of the time, the injection eventually eases the pain.

The anticipation of having that difficult conversation is way more painful than the conversation itself. At times it ends up being rather therapeutic.

The anticipation of speaking on that stage in front of hundreds of students, is gut wrenching painful. But once you get on stage the pain flows away.

The anticipation of what people may be saying or thinking about us is deadly stressful and painful. When in reality people are more worried about their own pains.

Fact is, over-anticipation kills!

The more we anticipate the more we hurt, the more we cause our body and mind pain.

The world is filled with pleasure and pain. But to get the pleasure you have to go through the pain a lot of times. Anticipation adds to the pain, but if you kill your anticipation and live in the moment you can survive the pain long enough to enjoy the pleasures of success!



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