The 7 Essential Tools For Creating Creativity

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#1 A pen: Because you need something to draw/write your creative ideas with. #2 A pencil: For when you can’t find a pen. #3 A journal: For when you need something to write on…besides writing on your skin hurts! #4 A Mobile Phone: For those times when you catch an idea but can’t find a pen, paper or pencil. #5 A Cup of Coffee Alcohol: Because you need something to free your mind…plus its legal. #6 A laptop: Because Bill Gates said I should put this here. #7 An Imaginary Ninja: Like seriously if you find your self imagining an imaginary Ninja at this moment, then you have the most important tool for creating creativity and that is a wacky, crazy and extremely exciting imagination!


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25 comments on “The 7 Essential Tools For Creating Creativity

  1. Ofili

    Sup Omozino! You are the first person to comment on our new design. You should get a special prize…shouldn’t you?

  2. Love the new blog design. I carry a pen and notepad everywhere. Doesn’t matter. Even when I’m in the kitchen because I get most of my ideas when I’m cooking. Also, instead of alcohol, I pray to God and listen to music. I use my phone too (I don’t have a laptop yet and I have THE BIGGEST imaginary ninja. 🙂

  3. Ofili man u are gud but u think alcholo will help som idiots that wana be cr8tv? Wel, som peeps might misconstrud u hia…i think u need to clear the air for them, aight….

  4. Lawrence Akinbaye on said:

    The points are good, but I’ll substitute a cup of alcohol with coffee while I add soft music to go with the 7 Essential Tools.

  5. I like the alcohol part. *covers face*. I like to dance so music would distract me. I don’t know how to type so a laptop isn’t really necessary. I own pens and I have too many journals. And then of course, my ninja imagination. 😀

  6. This is funny but revealing! Rather than a ninja I prefer to imagine myself as a ‘james bond’ lol. Plus music helps me a lot too. (Eg. Aboki – iceprince, atm)

  7. I like to consider myself a rookie blogger, but your writing tips has spurred me to a new place of alcohol i’d have water and lime (cold water).

  8. Uzochukwu-Steavihn on said:

    Thank you Ofili. Gotta go do some writing. Er..I’m not doing the alcohol as it has a nasty habit of making me a bit loud. I’d rather sit and surf. All the same. Solid points. I’ve got writing to do.

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