The 500th Ellen Degeneres Post Update

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1838_54_pages_08_596_630x480So for my 500th blog post I said I wanted us to do something special (check here if you missed it) for someone in need. And also do an Ellen Degeneres surprise while at it.

Well thanks to keiskwerd who is actually a medical doctor in Bayelsa … we got to hear about the touching story of Jennifer who could not be discharged because she owed about N90,000 to the Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital. Read the story as written by keiskwerd below…

“The case I’m going to talk about is of a young female patient who has been residing in the female surgical ward of my hospital since her operation. She had an accident about 3-4 months ago and due to financial challenges her surgery of about 55,000 Naira was done free by the hospital. Excluding Implants worth about 35,000 Naira (either the orthopedic unit or the patient paid for this, not sure.)

Since this surgery, patient has been on crutches and should have continued rehabilitation at home but her hospital bill of 90,000 Naira is not about to be waived by the hospital neither are they about to discharge her on trust expecting her to remit the sum later.

I hadn’t had time to know her closely till my patients started being placed beside her and before I can say Jack Robinson there’d b a bubbly face greeting me and offering information about my patient. Last week I was moved to tears when I entered the ward and on her crutches she was feeding a psychiatric patient with fractures whose relatives were not available (she had made the custard out of her provisions)….just seeing that was like a kodak moment.

On Tuesday I was so confused as to what to do on seeing her . The nationwide strike had started….patients were going home she still couldn’t be released. I saw the sadness she contained therein. I went to her bedside to chat her up. Inquired as to what efforts were being made for her bill. Then she told me she is an orphan. Damn! She also told me the social workers had visited her home in her community and had seen her brothers and sisters and the work they do and know there is no way the money can come out.

All she asked was for the hospital to release her on trust and hopefully if she resumed her petty trading she may push out 10k monthly (even though all she makes was normally just enough to feed her….)”

Well the story really moved me…an Orphan in need…so I called Dr. Kathleen (aka keiskwerd) this week and she gave me some new updates on Jennifer’s situation.

She (Jennifer) was discharged finally thanks to a certain Pastor Gift Nsemeke on the condition that he will guaranty that her remaining 82,000 Naira would be paid.

Below is a letter written by the hospital when they found out that we might be able to help out…

20140709_150958 (1)

I want to add that I was really impressed with the hospital … who waived several thousands of naira from Jennifer’s surgery bill. Now all that is left is that N82,000. From the 2 donations I have received in my account we now have a total of N70,000. Anyone want to make up the final N12,000? If so email me at

Once we get the money, we will transfer to the hospital and see if we can get Dr. Kathleen to deliver the good news to Jennifer. We will be sure to get pictures if we can. Peace out people and be awesome. We will definitely do something like this again and even bigger…

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10 comments on “The 500th Ellen Degeneres Post Update

  1. keiskwerd on said:

    I want to offer my sincere appreciation to Ofili and to all those who identified with my patient’s story…
    Because of you, a family can smile, can eat today and save for tomorrow as opposed to paying for the debts of yesterday….
    I have a tendency to get mushy…but suffice it to say I was in tears when I got the confirmatory mail that Jennifer was the choice. I feel humbled serving as a link to this smile(Maybe these events were preordained, cos I’m not a regular mail checker and even when I check, when expecting a mail, I may not open n read others. On this day, I actually saw the mail for a new post and read it, (maybe I was looking forward to one interesting police satire

  2. keiskwerd on said:

    (maybe I was looking forward to one interesting police satireߙȩ)…
    I pray that for every other story that made the blog, God would prepare agents of help for them and meet each one’s needs in time.
    For Ofili, eyes have not seen, ears have not heard of before what God has in stock for u. I pray that ur innermost desires would always be a priority for God. As u give back to society, may society never turn it’s back on u. May you ride on the wings of kindness and favour. May your words set u apart from your generation, ur muse never go on leave n ur candles never burn out before your legend.
    To all who supported this cause financially or had plans to but have not the means to fulfil such desires, may the Lord replenish ur purse and make u lenders to nations.Amen

  3. Dear Ofili,

    Dr. Kathleen (keiskwerd) is one of the best young doctors I know. She is very skilled and has a bleeding heart- two traits that make for poverty in the medical profession. We belong to the same BBM group.She has been going on and on about this patient for a while- breaking another rule of no personal involvement. You could do a lot worse than picking her patient.

    Thanks so much.

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