The 3 Prisms Of Money (Prism 2)

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Prism 2: Spending on Things You Don’t Need

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The line between a need and want is very blurry, until you are dead broke then it become clearer. But if you feel you have all the money in the world, there is a simple test to ascertain if an item is a need or a want. If you go to a store and find yourself pondering in the aisles of indecision over a product, go back home and think it over for a day if your desire still exists then drive out to the store and purchase the item. The irony is that few people can do this, because stores like Wal-Mart and Best Buy have perfected the act of “buy it now or the deal will be gone tomorrow” to a pure science. Have you ever wondered why Wal-Mart will sell a single pack of Tic Tac for $1.00 at the register and sell a 6 pack of Tic Tac for $1.00 at the center of the store?

Or why your best buy sales representative spends 2 hours convincing you on why your super-doper DLP 1080 HD TV is the most dependable in the Market while simultaneously attempting to sell you a 1 year warranty just in case your super doper TV which is ultra dependable breaks down in its first year. Or why stores place their most expensive items on the right hand side of the store. The truth is that we are destined to fail, from the moment we step into the store we are being programmed to buy buy buy, from the positioning of the items to mental/emotional nagging of the sales reps.

Church Underhill author of the “Science of Shopping” says that 66% of our purchases are unplanned, in a nut shell 66% of the things we buy are not needed. So what’s the solution, BUDGET, Dave Ramsey says this over and over again, you have to create a budget every month. This is something I have struggled with in all honesty but I have started improving, my budget has allowed me to filter out my wants from my needs. I go to the store with a physical list versus a mental list, and I don’t stray away from that list. I also train myself to resist the urge of sales people, I would literarily go to best buy (my addiction) and hold a full fledged conversation with a sales person like am going to buy his product and tell him without skipping a beat that I am not interested and I developed my WA skill. Which is my “walking-away” skill. I must have gotten it from my Mum or something, she would price the life out of an item only to walk away without purchasing it, leaving the hawker nearly crying. I used to feel pity for them, but when you are stuck with credit card debts and pondering on the doors steps of bankruptcy, guess what? Mike the super sales man isn’t going to remember your name. So budget. Filter out your needs from your wants, understand that Wal-Mart and other big stores have invested millions and millions to figure out how best to make you purchase something you don’t need, invest in a budget and you won’t become a victim.

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