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I have always been a fan of TED talks ever since I heard Ken Robinson’s “Do Schools Kill Creativity.” I always imagined myself being called up on the stage to present a speech at a packed TED conference. So you can understand my surprise and excitement when I received a call from TED this past Saturday to submit a speaker profile for possible consideration for an actual TED conference talk.

OK ok so it was not actually TED that called, but it was TEDx ZumaRock and they did not really call me, they pinged me on blackberry and then I called them. But either way I was excited about the possibility of speaking on stage in Abuja. I have watched several TEDx Nigeria events on youtube including TEDxIfe and TEDxIkoyi and was greatly impressed with the depth and range of topics covered by the speakers. It will be awesome become a TEDx speaker if selected, but if not I will cry and throw a Kanye West like tantrum I will still be stoked out at being considered…before I forget, do check out the speaker profile that I eventually sent to to TEDx ZumaRock below. Let me know what you think.

In the professional world, Okechukwu Ofili is a full time design engineer with a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Houston. However, in his alternative and more FUN world he is an artist, author and speaker. The friction ignited when his two worlds collide gives birth to the imaginative drawings and unconventional articles featured daily on his ofilispeaks.com blog site. His blog articles are known for their humor, honesty and creativity in challenging the status-quo of work, life and family. They have consistently been featured in numerous online blogs including bellanaija, ynaija and FABmagazine. The blog’s content has subsequently been utilized in the publication of two uniquely distinct books: How Stupidity Saved My Life and How Laziness Saved My Life.

In the book How Stupidity Saved My Life, Ofili utilizes his up and down educational experience as a contrasting backdrop to critically analyze the way we judge/measure intelligence in children. He argues against the school ranking system as an archaic and outdated measure of smartness, and instead believes that each child has their own unique way of learning that many parents and teachers fail to recognize. It is this belief that pushes him to speak to students at any opportunity about their unique abilities, encouraging them to ignore the negative things that others say and instead find the talent that lies deep inside of them. Ofili’s work has seen him travel across the globe addressing students and teachers about the multi-dimensionality of intelligence, utilizing his colorful sketches as an imaginary guide.

He is regarded as the artist who couldn’t draw, the speaker who couldn’t speak and the writer who couldn’t write but yet was the guy stupid enough to dream big and believe that he could draw, speak and write…authoring two books in the process, graduating top 5 most outstanding students in his engineering class and creating artworks that people actually pay for…a resounding affirmation that if you can dream big you can achieve much.

His latest book How Laziness Saved My Life is a hilarious attack at the way corporations and businesses push themselves and their employees to the brink of stress. In this book he looks at how Organizations and Businesses can work more efficiently by challenging conventional businesses practices.

Both books level serious criticism on the way we typically do things. But simultaneously offers up practical solutions and concrete ideas on addressing the problems at a personal and societal level, but with a humorous twist…a reoccurring theme of Ofili’s writings, sketches and speeches.


Ofili is an award winning graphic designer motivational speaker, author, success coach and karate kid entrepreneur who blogs about life, success and entrepreneurial excellence. Follow him on twitter , facebook or subscribe to his blog for more success TIPS!” To bring Ofili to your school or organization as a speaker simply go here. He has written two books, How Laziness Saved My Life and the best-selling How Stupidity Saved My Life, to find out how they both saved his life visit ofilispeaks.com

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    • Ofili

      The selection has not been made sha, but we will see….let me go and fast, right after I devour this meatpie and eat dinner and breakfast and…you know what imma just pray without fasting.

  1. Nwobu Ursula on said:

    This is doubly lovely and incredibly inspiring.Though I think the profile ended quite abruptly,I’m sure you’d be picked.I share exactly same views.By God’s grace I hope to stream these line of thoughts towards the young ones nysc has forced us to teach..*rolls eyes*..looking forward to it sha….in the mean time…Go Ofili,Go Ofili,Go Ofili…

  2. Olayemi Miracle on said:

    Great.Since you spoke at my sch-Covenant University,I knew you were gooood.You defied the norm by wearing a native wear or so to speak to us.They should think well and choose you oo,before they miss the opportunity.

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