When All Seems Impossible Wear Your Superhero Mask

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We have often heard the phrase fake it until you make it, but is it really possible to fake orgasms something until it is true? That is the question Amy Cuddy sought out to answer in her riveting and emotional TED talk Your Body Langauge Shapes Who You Are. In that video, she argues that the way you carry yourself, the way you sit, the way you walk, the way you wear your cape dress has a profound impact on who you end up becoming.

Research even shows that if you force yourself to smile by sticking a pen between yours lips or by pulling your lips up … you end up feeling happier. And my personal ofilispeaks research shows that if you wear a superhero mask in times of stress and when shit seems impossible, you will feel more powerful. But how do we measure power or powerfulness[sic]?

According to Amy Cuddy, there are 2 primary hormones that can be used to determine a persons level of power. The first hormone is testosterone (and yes women do have testosterone), which is associated with a persons confidence and assertiveness. Basically, the higher your testosterone level, the more powerful you feel. But then there is another hormone called Cortisol, which has to do with how a person reacts to stress. The higher your cortisol level is, the more prone you are to stress, in other words if your cortisol levels are high then you are more likely to panic under stressful situations.

In summary, a person with high confidence/power, would have low cortisol levels and a high testosterone level. While a person with low confidence/power would have high cortisol levels and low testosterone levels. Research even shows that powerful and effective leaders depict the former hormonal combination (high-testosterone/low-cortisol).

But Amy wanted to find out if a persons power levels could be influenced by simply posing…

To do this, Amy gathered a group of subjects and forced made them do power poses for 2 minutes.

Now a power pose is a pose associated with high confidence people, they involve standing in a victorious posture such as with arms wide and chest pushed forwarded or with the hands on the hips like the wonder woman pose done by Amy Cuddy to your right.

Now after power posing for 2 minutes, the testorone and cortisol level of all the participants where measured and averaged. It was discovered that participants, just by acting powerful (power posing), had experienced a 20% increase in their testosterone levels and a subsequent 25% decrease in cortisol levels! If you don’t believe see here, no be me talk am https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ks-_Mh1QhMc

An act as simple as pretending to be powerful had a profound hormonal effect on their bodies and could have the same effect on ours. But instead of acting powerful…we do the opposite, we hide away when things get tough, we slouch, we hump our backs, we take off our super hero masks or spectacles (depending on if you are Clark Kent) and act weak. According to Amy when the reverse was done, low-power posing for 2 minutes, it was found that the cortisol levels of her subject increased by 15%, while the testosterone level decreased by 10%! This was just within 2 minutes, some of us act like this for 24 hours!

“Our bodies change our minds, and our minds can change our behavior, and our behavior can change our outcomes.” Amy Cuddy

According to Amy “Our bodies change our minds, and our minds can change our behavior, and our behavior can change our outcomes.” But a lot of times we don’t focus on our minds, on the inside, we let the outside influence us, defeat us.

But sometimes the solution is to just think or imagine yourself as successful, when you work into a class think of yourself as Einstein except it is Law class, then you want to imagine yourself as Barrack Obama. When you are at work, dress up like a manager and walk with confidence, you will feel different about yourself and soon people will feel it too. You see when you pretend to be powerful, you are more likely to actually feel powerful. And when you feel more powerful you can achieve more…even the things that seem impossible become possible.

So wear your super hero mask and make shit happen! And in Amy’s words, fake it until you make it become it.

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36 comments on “When All Seems Impossible Wear Your Superhero Mask

  1. Nelly J on said:

    You’re so right Ofili. Like someone rightly said,its okay to be afraid,but how u handle it matters. Even when u’re afraid,put up a bold & confidence face, cos most times people can’t tell the difference.

  2. Hey, simply turn out to be responsive to your blog site thru Yahoo and google, determined it is truly informative. My goal is to be aware of the city. I will appreciate if you ever progress this in future. Many people are going to be had good results out of your creating. Best wishes!

  3. So true, Ofili. Our Mindset influences our outcomes. Just imagine wearing the Superheroe mask of Steve Jobs, Mark Z, Donald trump and Ofili… Lol That would be a blast. Keep the creative juice flowing Ofili
    Edward latest post is Inspirational WallpaperMy Profile

  4. This is very revealing. I also want to believe that there is a correllation between how you spell your sign your name and how confidence, happy and powerful you are.
    I have never really considered theses TEDtalks; I am of the opinion that talk is 6 for 5 Naira, But this is Ofilispeaks, and there is worss values in solid gold here.
    Okiri CR latest post is FOR SALE: HONEST SOUL, NEVER BORNMy Profile

  5. ok just read it…it may actually change the way you think but ur enviroment dosent, you are still the looser you were at what u do.
    So, dont just change you thinking, work towards making ur thinking a reality. A dream boss…a real boss.

  6. ok just read it…it may actually change the way you think but ur enviroment? You are still the looser you were at what u do.
    So, dont just change you thinking, work towards making ur thinking a reality. A dream boss…a real boss.

  7. Powerful piece, Mr Ofili. I’m really feeling powerful now lol. A friend of mine would always say “confidence convinces even when you’re wrong!”. I’m also reminded of a joke Bovi once cracked where he compared the speaking styles of GEJ and Obama. He goes on to to say that even though Obama may not be doing much yet the power in his speech and the manner he speaks move people.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Ofili

      Thanks for commenting Emeka. And you are right about Obama, he inspires you to be better…but GEJ inspires you to be zzzzzzzz

  8. This is so right! Our body language speaks louder than the words out of our mouth…now i’m off to get a superhero outfit with a big Z on my chest…hehe…Thanks for this Ofili…i really needed to be reminded of this.

  9. Okey, does this work with reading your book: How Intelligence Kills Us? Because I am holding this manilla envelope imagining it is your new book and nothing is happening o. LOL. Great post!

  10. This is a classic case of d movie “kick ass”. Now am inspired to make a costume suitable for a hero (eureka! I ve jst d perfect Ankara material to achieve this) Now where is that Obioma abi na Aboki tailor….TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!

    Tanks bro.

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