Success Is A Race…A Very Fast Race!

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success raceThey lied to us about Success, they told us to be patient to wait for success to come to us. But success does not come to
people. People go to success. But if you stroll to success, success might be gone by the time you get there. And if success is still there, then life might be gone in us…cue newly retired 60-year-old man driving red Ferrari with all his life ahead of behind him…sad

You see success is a goal…but walking/strolling to success is not an option. So when people say, I know you will be successful … ask them “but how soon!” Because the earlier you achieve success or make successful mistakes the sweeter your success is. There is no little point achieving success at a 100 years old.

So remember, success is a race…you have to wake up everyday and figure out how you can get where you need to be faster than the day before. Don’t wait for success to come to you, chase that Bitch down!

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11 comments on “Success Is A Race…A Very Fast Race!

  1. The most successful group of pple in the world in terms of dominance and finance are the Jews. History has it dat dere is a formula dat has seen over time, which is the first generation creates wealth, the 2nd generation tend to keep that wealth and the 3rd generation squander it. Bt its nt so for the Jews they seem 2 av broken the formula and reason is they think of success generationaly, actualy 7 generations. So for me success is not a race but journey dat doesn’t end with me. So I don’t have to chase it for it 2 happen in my life time but lay the foundation 4 my generation 2 come 2 ride on and on.

    • you are right to some extent i.e by laying foundation for your generation to be successful. This should be a must for everyone. The author motive for this post is on individual/your personal success. so no matter what, one should pursue his/her own success even when the wheel of success is not steered by the parents.
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  2. Permit me to say ur mentality drives me nuts…Always on point and logical! U have a lot going on for you upstairs and good looking too. Am tripping *hides face* Lol.

  3. Some people relate to Success primarily, as the acquisition of financial and material gain in relation to the work that they do.
    Here, SLOW and STEADY wins the race, until FAST and STEADY comes around.

    Some other people relate to Success as that Inner Sense of Fulfillment that we (humans) get to feel when we contribute meaningfully, especially through work, to Human Flourishing and Human Potential (To The Lives of Others).
    Here, Just keep at it.

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