The Problem With Being A Work Stunt Man

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The problem with a lot of us is that we are stunt men at work, we do the dirty work behind the scene, risk our lives, sacrifice family time over the weekend to get shit done … only for an actor to take all the credit.

Have you ever seen a stunt man get the kind of recognition an actor gets? No it does not happen, but they (the stunt men) are content to do the dangerous work … while the actor gets the big movie credit, the Oscar awards, the big money deals and promotions.

Don’t just be a stunt man, be an actor as well. Make sure you get your face out there in your company so that they know the stunts you are pulling.

Let them know through emails, in meetings, any and everywhere … don’t let other people use your stunts to make themselves look good without giving you any stunt credit.

Also don’t assume that if you pull of enough stunts when nobody is looking that you will somehow be automatically noticed. It will not happen.

And please please when you eventually become an actor, remember to recognize the stunt men that helped get you there. Don’t steal their stunt work or try to take credit for their work. And don’t forget to stunt yourself. Being an actor does not stop you from pulling off stunts like Jackie Chan! Because a stuntman that is an actor is a very dangerous combination!

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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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9 comments on “The Problem With Being A Work Stunt Man

  1. This is awesome @ofili. Touches the art of re-invention, nothing stops us from being both; actors & stuntmen. Then if you dontoot your horns, who will? Get noticed. Great one bro.

  2. Iganya on said:

    Hats off for you ofili. And there’s this general notion- I believe it came from the need for acceptance-which is, people (including colleagues and employers) should like you for who who are. Then you go about flunting only your niceness and think the world owes you… Well, that as far as I’m concerned that can only fly amongst FAMILY and (some)FRIENDS. People-I can assure you -would like you for what you bring to the table, for your stunts and acts!

  3. tastytom on said:

    I’ve been a victim and still …. However, I’ve known all along I’m not cut out to be an ‘actor’ but a ‘stuntman’. So I don’t feel it /care/ soo much. (FYI – high paying ‘role’). Bottom line : know what u are cutout for. Some ‘stuntman’ cant manage an ‘actor’s profile squarely- follow d lines, profiling ..

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